Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How God Uses Us

After we got back from China, I received a very encouraging email from perfect strangers who had at one point visited our blog, and in so doing, set a scenario in motion which would lead to this family receiving an unexpected, or in a way not so unexpected, adoption grant.  Read on, and please take a minute to visit their blog to check out how you may be able to help them provide one more orphan a loving home through your prayers of intercession or in some other manner.  And give all praise, honor and glory to God the Father!  Amen!

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Jon Wenzel and my wife is Jenn. We have three biological children and are adopting a little girl from China. I have been following your journey of adoption for the past month or so. Praise God Cassie is home with your family. It is awesome to see God’s hand on your journey as well as ours.

One night my wife sent me an email of a video of an orphan probably around 8 or so. In the video the orphan girl who is now with a family was talking about what it is like to be an orphan. You may recall this video. Somehow, I clicked on a comment below that took me to your blog. Make no mistake I believe God had intended this to happen that night. When I clicked on your blog I began reading about your journey. I stumbled upon the grant that you received from the JSC Foundation. Wow that was a large check. At the time I was praying to God about where funds would come from. Reading your blog led us down the road of applying to the JSC Foundation the day after I read your blog. To sum it up we received a $14,300 check from the JSC Foundation as well. My wife and I were so delighted knowing that our faith in God was coming true right before our eyes!! We always trusted God had a plan for our adoption but didn’t know to the extent to how all the funds would come together. God is so good!!!!! My wife and I pray that though our journey we can touch those around us. I justed wanted you to know that through your journey you have touched us. You never know how God uses us each and every day.

My wife and I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for your blog and everything that you have shared on your journey. It is awesome how God placed your journey in our paths so that we could get the funds needed to bring our little daughter home Piper. God has changed our lives forever.

If you would like to read our blog and story you can at http://www.wenzeljourney.blogspot.com/. The post titled “Faith” is how God led me to this journey, and the post “How this journey began” is my wife’s reflection and God’s calling on this journey.

God Bless you and your family. I pray that the bond between you and Cassie grows each and every day and that Cassie will except Jesus as her Savior. It’s an awesome gift you have given this child.

God Bless,
Jon Wenzel

Jenn Wenzel

Isabella Wenzel

Ava Wenzel

Audyn Wenzel

Piper Wenzel (China)


  1. God is faithful! I love how He works and it is always special when you can be a part of His plan!

  2. Wow! It is amazing how God can use things we think are small, to impact someone greatly!