Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's Happening in Sonya's World

You may recall me mentioning something about Sonya visiting her dentist on Tuesday to get some work done on her teeth.  Remember the dentist had specifically asked us to bring Sonya's art work with us when we came back to see him.  So I did.  Something worth mentioning is that Sonya is the first patient from our family to visit this particular dentist.  In other words, until two weeks ago, we did not know this man.  This latter point may prove of interest later on in my narrative.

Initially, this dentist selected the Flowers in a Basket print to have framed as a gift to his mother who just so happens herself to be an artist.  Mr. Dentist handed me a twenty dollar bill for it, and asked me to keep the change.  Then two hygienists selected one print each of the smaller prints which, all total, brought Sonya $24.00 closer to her $500.00 goal.   I couldn't help but inform Sonya as she was being prepped for a filling that she was now only $95.00 shy of her goal amount, and that I thought she could easily make that at her lemonade stand up-coming.  

Briefly following this little exchange between mother and daughter, Mr Dentist told Sonya as he was working on her teeth that he would like to speak with her afterwards.  He told Sonya he would send the hygienist out first and that he would then like to talk with her. Sonya nodded. 

So, once everything was wrapped up and the hygienist was dismissed, Mr. Dentist exited the room briefly and when he returned he closed the door behind him so as to have a private word with Sonya and me.  What he shared with Sonya was this. Sonya, my heart is touched by your story.  So...I still want you to do your lemonade stand, but I want you to give the money to your church because I am going to give you the rest of the money that you need because I really want you to be able to go to China and get your sister.  And with that, he handed Sonya a one hundred dollar bill!  He then added, And Sonya, when you pray, will you pray for me because I really need it?  To which Sonya thanked him and agreed.  And what did I do?  I cried, hugged her dentist and thanked him profusely.  

Allow me to digress.  A point worth conveying to you right now, dear reader, is this:  Early Tuesday morning, as I was saying my morning prayers, I found myself face down on the carpet imploring the Lord to do something out of the ordinary that day for me, something completely unexpected yet related entirely to the adoption, to show this mother's heart that not only does He have His hand on the adoption but that He has His hand on the timeline...   

Now fast forward to Sonya and me walking out of the dentist's office that Tuesday afternoon following her appointment, immediately calling Randy on his cell to share the good news.  As we climbed into the car to head home, it suddenly dawned on me that what had just taken place inside that office building was out of the ordinary and something completely unexpected yet related entirely to the adoption!  It dawned on me that God showed this mom that His hand is all the way in it, and further more, He and He alone is directing the timeline of our journey to our Mei Mei.  Thank you, Father, for hearing and answering my desperate cry! 

As Sonya and I ran errands later that day, she reflected on what had happened in order that she was enabled to reach her goal, and commented about her dentist, I am proud of him. 

Now that Sonya has the money she needs to pay her own way to China, she has now decided  to raise money for her sister's airline ticket.  Once we set up the date for the lemonade stand, the first $100.00 raised from selling lemonade will be given by Sonya to our church, most likely for missions (because that's Sonya's heart).  

Sonya will also be selling more of her prized art work as well as running a simple silent auction, the items selected for this most likely geared more towards children and a little more affordable.  In any event, as soon as we iron out all the details, we'll be sure to let you know and as always request that you spread the word on our Mei Mei's behalf and on our Sonya Yi's behalf.

One more thing, not long ago, Sonya was entertaining the idea of meeting her sister for the very first time and how it would be.  With her face all aglow, I asked Sonya what will be the first thing she will want to do when she meets her little sister.  Without hesitation, exclaiming with a sheer, unbridled joy, I am going to hug her!  

Friends, for those of you who haven't gotten a chance to know Sonya, she is very particular about who she will hug.  Except for her father and me, if she is very fond of you, you will most likely get a "side" hug but not a hug from the front.  For Sonya to say the very first thing she wants to do when she meets her baby sister is to hug her baby sister, well... let's just say her words are profoundly significant to this mother, and music to my ears.  And if Mei Mei should receive a hug from any one other than her big sister that day (meaning of course, Randy or me), I believe more than likely the hug from her big sister will be the most readily absorbed. 

Please stay-tuned for further fund raising details on behalf of Mei Mei's plane ticket, sponsored by her big sister, Sonya!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1906 Oscar Schmidt Harp

This vintage autoharp(?) was donated by a friend to help us raise money for our adoption.  Any takers?  I have no idea what kind of price to put on it, but if you collect vintage guitars/autoharps or know of someone who does, i am sure you or your friend will be able to name a fair price.  Email me tonight if you would like to take a look at it.   Of course, it almost goes without saying one hundred percent of the proceeds will go toward the ransom of Mei Mei.
Thanks for your interest!

I apologize.  I originally called it a mandolin, not knowing anything about musical instruments really, so just going by what I was told.  Once I started researching the value of this musical instrument, however, I recognized that what we have here cannot be a mandolin guitar.  So sorry about that!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Updates About Sonya Yi and Cassie Mei

Hello everyone!  I wanted to take a moment to update you on Sonya's travel earnings to date.  You may recall we had a goal of $500.00 to meet in order that Sonya would be in a position to pay her own way to China.  So far, Sonya has earned $381.00 in selling her art work alone, leaving her only $119.00 shy of her goal.  Sonya has a dental appointment tomorrow, and her dentist has asked to see her work, so I know Sonya's hoping he will be interested in purchasing something.  We'll just have to see how much closer she will be to her goal after she pays him a visit!  I will let you know. 

Tonight, Sonya said, "Mom, how else do you think I can make money for my trip?  I know!  I can have a lemonade stand!"  To which I replied, "No problem, Sonya.  I think we can manage that." 

We'll keep you updated about that lemonade stand.  Maybe you can drop by for a lemonade or two...or three...and make Sonya's day!  I remember the first time Sonya sold her art work at our May parking lot sale fund raiser.  Early that Saturday morning Sonya was outright giddy with anticipation, excitedly imagining who might be her first buyer.  That would be Gary White from our church at Waynedale Baptist.  Thank you, Gary, btw, for caring.

So...which one of you will be Sonya's very first customer at her next fund raiser?  This time, i will be waiting with a camera!

On another happy note, I had emailed Selina yesterday in China to see if Johanna would be able to indicate whether or not the children in the orphanage might be able to figure out that "something's up" when they are singled out for pictures like our little Mei Mei was the other day.

Kindly, Selina responded.  Here is what she shared: 
Cheryl, I'm pretty sure your sweet girl knows she has a family. I think I overheard them telling her to smile for her new mama and baba. Can't say 100% though. I didn't ask them to tell her, so you're safe as far as your agency goes :) But for your Momma's heart, I think she knows :)

Okay, for those of you who know me, after reading what Selina wrote to me can you guess what happened next?  Someone?  Anyone?  Yes, that is correct.  I cried.  I bawled actually.  And then i called Randy to share the good, good news.  And in this news my heart has been relieved.  Thank you, Father, for the seemingly little things that really aren't all that little but profoundly significant for those they happen to."

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Please Pray

For Selina! And check out her latest blog entry. Pay particular attention to beautiful Johanna holding a song book up to her face singing along

Friday, July 22, 2011

THE BERGEY BUNCH: Zhongshan Children's Welfare Center

Okay, friends, maybe I can't post Mei Mei's picture yet because of agency regulations, but I can tell you my daughter is in one of the photos with Selina. Can you guess who she is? Selina, a woman who I've come to believe loves Jesus more than anything, sent me an email about my girl this morning. Here is what she had to say about sweet Cassandra Mei:

Cheryl--met, hugged AND got some pictures of your girl. She's tiny and precious. Her favorite color is red and she loves Superman. (I got a kick out of that fact)

"Thank you, Father, for this report and for the updated pics! I needed this so incredibly badly, but You already knew that, didn't you?"

THE BERGEY BUNCH: Zhongshan Children's Welfare Center

So.... write to me at (do not respond on the blog due to privacy issues in this matter), and share with me who you think she is. The first one to get it right will receive a print of one of Sonya's art pieces free of charge. Now that's a deal you don't want to pass up!

The Great Adventures of Sonya Yi

I bet you're wondering where's all the pics I promised of Sonya and our visit with two Amish families we've grown to love and call family.  Well, here they are!  Except I will start off with this picture.  Do you notice anything unusual?  

Yes, that is correct.  Sonya lost her top front tooth!  In Sonya's words, "Fiiiiinally!"  And it might seem barbaric to you, but we do not do the whole "tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy to leave a dollar thing".  I will quote a famous Seinfeld line from the Seinfeld comedy series, "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

And did you notice what Sonya's t-shirt says?  "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news."  (Isaiah 52:7) 

Sonya got this t-shirt from her overnight at our church, Waynedale Baptist.  Have I ever mentioned to you Sonya wants to be a missionary when she grows up?  Several months ago, after leaving church and running a few errands with me, Sonya said out of the blue, "Mom, it sure would take a lot of courage to go into other countries and tell them about Jesus and then end up in jail for it."  As I replied, "Yes, Sonya, it sure would."  Which then came this response from her then seven year old lips, "Mom, I think that's what I'm supposed to do." 

And if it weren't for attending such a remarkable church that is anchored in the Word, reminding me often through scripture that it's not about this life but the next I wouldn't have known to respond back to her, "Sonya, I think you just may be right about that."

Here we are visiting the Bontrager farm.  Notice in the top picture only the arm of one of the Bontrager daughters as this family is opposed to getting their pictures taken.  In the second picture, Sonya is holding the sister of Bibi the cat, Sonya's kitty of two years.  Sonya wanted to take her home that day, until I reminded her that sissy will be picking out our next kitten as soon as she comes home.  Reluctantly she put the kitty down and managed just fine to leave without it that day. 

The rest of the pictures are from the Miller farm, and this family is okay with getting their pictures taken.  Most of the pics will be Sonya with some or all of the six Miller children.  One pic includes the children's mother Polly in it while they are shucking corn.

Introducing Loretta, Sonya, Roseanna, Joanne, Joseph and Minnie.
Now are these girls happy, or what?!
Can it get any better than this!
 Joanne, Minnie, Loretta (LOVE this picture, btw!) 

The oldest, Roseanna, was very insistent that I get a pic of her milking the goat, so I did!
i just now realized it would be a good idea to share a couple of pictures of the Miller farm!  duh!

Check out these BEAUTIFUL greenhouse tomatoes! YUM! YUM!

Meet sweet Baby James, the newest addition to the Miller fam.  Isn't he absolutely precious?!

Joanne and Loretta were determined that before i left the fields I get a pic of them standing out in their popcorn!  Who knew that you grow popcorn?! 

Here's Sonya being led around on the pony by the oldest Miller child, Roseanna, while Joanne is messing around by cramming a bunch of chickweed in her mouth!  Did you know chickweed is edible?!!!!!

Now all the girls want in on the action!  Except for Sonya, that is! 
She doesn't want any part of it!!!!

I teased the girls and told them I was going to tell the world that this is how the Amish feed their children, by sending them out into the fields to fill up on weeds!  They giggled in unison!


P.S. Now can you see why Sonya's feet were absolutely filthy by the time I got her home at one in the morning?!  Although while the rest of the children walked around barefoot, Sonya was resolved to keep her shoes on.   I think she was afraid of stepping in horse manure to tell you the truth.  Even though she loves visiting the farm, she's still a city girl, I suppose.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

THE BERGEY BUNCH: Bonding moments...

I love this girl already! I am so happy for her! I hope you are as moved as I am about what is taking place in Johanna's life right now, the miracle and wonder of it all! God is good, ALL THE TIME! THE BERGEY BUNCH: Bonding moments...

THE BERGEY BUNCH: It's Official!

This is the Bergey family update. I want to share their story with you so you will be familiar with what my family will be undergoing in a couple of months while in China to bring Mei Mei home. Also, I just think how precious it is that this little girl is so eager to receive love from her forever family, and how adaptable she is when given the love of her mother to guide her steps. Plus, the idea that she knows my little girl and has shared a history with her makes me smile and cry. THE BERGEY BUNCH: It's Official!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Just wanted to update you with you the good news of the Bergey family "Gotcha" Day! Their daughter, Johanna, who is turning fourteen this week, adopted in the nick of time! God is never early, and He is never late. He is always RIGHT ON TIME.

As you read Selina's post, please take special note that Selina will be visiting Johanna's (and Mei Mei's) orphanage on Friday China time which is Thursday our time. I'm not sure of the exact time, but when i find out, you'll be the first to know, well...after I tell Randy.

Selina will have an opportunity i pray to see our daughter and to take pics of our little darling, and if LOA doesn't come by then, I am going to ask Selina to leave Cassandra's package from her forever family with her nannies. Even without LOA, someday i can sit Cassie Mei down and show her the pictures that were taken of her at her momma's urging, and hopefully she will find comfort in knowing from the time I looked at her innocent little face back on December 6th of 2010, she has never been far from my thoughts and always on my heart.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers. I've been feeling them because my mind is more and more at peace with how things are unfolding in the adoption. Have any of you figured out yet that I have zero patience? NONE, nada, not on my own, that is.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

This Post is Dedicated to Sonya ever since November 11, 2010 our family life has almost been nothing but a big blur.  Why, you ask?  Because it was on November 11 that we woke up to a first-floor flooded bathroom and kitchen!  Followed by eight wonderful and relaxing days at a brand new Holiday Inn only five miles from home, followed by a few "hellish" weeks of renovations to our kitchen and bathroom coupled with the beginning stages of the adoption process of Mei Mei who we had no idea of until she happened.  A whole lot of mold was torn out of the walls in our bathroom and kitchen, much of it pre-existing,  and I can't help but wonder if everything we went through with the flood was leading up to a way for God to prepare our home and make it safe for our second China-born daughter to come home to....

So anyone following our story knows how many fundraisers we did in a three month period.  I incredulously tell folks, "Three in three months."   Starting in February through mid-June, I was all about organizing events to make money to defray adoption costs. That is why I say to you now, our family life has almost been nothing but a big blur

Now, I will swiftly switch gears and share a few things about the beginning of Sonya's summer vacation, which incidentally didn't really start in June like most children her age, but I would say maybe the second week of July?

Let me just say Sonya has been quite the trooper through all of the ups and downs of our adoption journey, and she's witnessed her mother cry more than a river of tears and somehow manages to keep positive and upbeat about the whole process herself.  Although, Sonya will occasionally exclaim, "Oh, how I wish Mei Mei could be with us right now!  I miss her, momma." 

I will begin with a visit from Sonya's very dear friend and lifelong friend, Lucy.  Lucy came over to our house the week following the fourth of July at which time her mother so graciously cleaned our carpets, for free I might add, getting rid of all the grit and grime accumulated in our home since the parking lot sale at the end of May.  Remember, our entire first floor of our house and entire garage had been used to store sale items until the big parking lot sale day.  And then on into mid-June when we had a garage sale fund raiser at our residence.  Remind me to never do three in three months. ever. again. 

So... where was I?  Oh yeah, Sonya's friend, Lucy.  Lucy btw whom Sonya allowed to dig a splinter out of her foot with a pliers, I mean tweezers, without as much as a wimper.  Okay, obviously I'm exaggerating about referring to the tweezers as pliers, and just so you know, if Lucy wasn't such a little perfectionist I wouldn't have let her come near Sonya's foot with a ten foot pole.  And Sonya btw who can't help but scream bloody murder at the very mention of me taking the end of a sterilized needle ever so carefully and delicately to remove the aforementioned splinter from a body part, namely a hand or foot.  The following picture says it all....


When I asked Lucy what her secret was to keeping Sonya so calm throughout the entire twenty minute removal process, she very politely and joyfully declared, "That's because I'm really good at this.  I know what I'm doing, so Sonya doesn't have to be scared."  Thanks a lot, Lucy. 

Once Lucy's mother was finished with the carpets, we took the girls along with Lucy's big sister, Lily, and little brother, Sam, to the new Kreager Park splash pad.  I have to say, really and truly, that day at the splash pad felt like the very first day of summer vacation, for Sonya more specifically.  For goodness sakes am I looking so very forward to slowing way down once we get Mei Mei home from China.  As one adoptive mom put it, "Adoption is not for the faint of heart."

So here's sharing with you a few smiles from Sonya and her special friend, Lucy, who has been with Sonya almost since birth:

Remember to check back soon as I will be posting pictures of Sonya's latest summer adventures at the farms of the Bontragers and Millers.  Sonya doesn't know it yet, but we will be starting back to school the first week in August, so I am trying to show her a really good time filled with good, clean (or dirty - you should have seen Sonya's feet after her full-day excursion at these farms!) fun in the meantime.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

THE BERGEY BUNCH: Prayers Requests and Praises

The following is the story of a very special family intent on going about the Father's business in their daily lives, even if His business involves traveling on two separate occasions between now and this Fall to the other side of the world to care for the orphan, two orphans as a matter of fact.  Two very special little girls, the oldest who will age-out next week and who Selina will be bringing home to America very soon.  And who just happens (not! so not!) to live at the very same orphanage as our sweet little Mei Mei.  As you read their incredible story, Selina (who will be traveling alone to China on Sunday except with a toddler in tow!) mentions another mom who has asked to post the Bergey story on their family's adoption blog.  That mom would be me, friends! 

Not only am I asking for intercessory prayer on behalf of this family, for Selina in her travels and for her husband who has committed to staying behind to care for the rest of their children, I am also asking for prayer that LOA (letter of approval) arrives soon so that while Selina is visiting at her daughter's and our daughter's orphanage, Selina will have permission to give our sweet baby girl a gift from us along with a letter written in Mandarin for her caretakers to read to her and pictures of her soon-to-be forever family. 

As a mother, I want so badly for my second China-born daughter to finally know what it feels like when a family who visits her orphanage takes pictures of her, it is for the purpose of sharing them with her forever family who just can't wait to meet her in person and hold her and love her forever!

So...enjoy their story. If you are anything like me, you will cry and cry with tears of JOY when you read this mother's heartfelt words!  And, please, don't forget to pray for them and for us.
THE BERGEY BUNCH: Prayers Requests and Praises

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Place Called Simplicity: I Would If We Had the Money.....

One of the main reasons for starting this adoption blog was/is to educate the public at large and more specifically the body of Christ about the urgent need for families to step up to the plate and make a place in their families for the orphaned children in the world and love them well by modeling Jesus to them so that in their attachment to us, as their moms, dads, brothers and sisters, they will want to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ on their own.  Enjoy the good read....    A Place Called Simplicity: I Would If We Had the Money.....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

In the Potter's Hand

This morning in Sunday school, we read from the book of Jeremiah and learned how the Lord likens Himself unto the Potter and we unto the clay.  The Lord tells us in Jeremiah 18:6 - "Behold, as the clay is in the Potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand."

With this illustration in mind, our sunday school teacher asked us if the potter, while at work on the potter's wheel, ever throws the clay away .  Someone commented rather than throwing it away when there is a flaw in the work, the potter would instead form it back into a big blob and start all over.  One of the main points of our bible lesson this morning was the reality that when God works on us to reshape us and mold us into His image, the whole process can be quite painful.   

And as silly as it may sound to call myself a big blob of clay that I just know God is reshaping via the international adoption process, let me just say that for the past week I have felt somewhat like a large mass of EXCRUCIATING PAIN walking around for everyone to see as my mind and emotions reel with a tormenting and relentless kind of steady ache through my entire being, threatening to cause me to burst into tears in the middle of the public eye at any given moment...  Let me tell ya, when one feels like that, there is no refuge in that kind of storm.  And yes, one begins to feel like a big blob of God knows what - abandoned, dejected, hopeless, despairing.  Are you getting the picture I hope?

A few days ago I reached out to other families who have adopted from Zhongshan Welfare Institute (this is where my precious little girl is right now) and to these parents who already have or are in the process of adopting internationally, many for the third, fourth and fifth time, by asking for help to "get over" or overcome my depravity because do you want to know something?  A person can only take so much.  Here's what I wrote on this particular yahoo group:

i am hoping to gain some words of wisdom from some parents who have gone before me with adopting an older child. with our first she was a small baby and we didn't receive her pics until 6 weeks before travel and that was hard enough! now we've been looking at our six year old daughter's pics since december, 2010 and LOA is taking way longer than anticipated. if i thought that by screaming at the top of my lungs, and stomping my feet and pounding the walls with my fists would lessen my angst i would do it. nothing right now, not even prayer, seems to ease my mental anguish. and when i am all alone, all i do is cry. how do i hold onto and believe in God's good and perfect timing through this extremely, emotionally difficult time?! help!!!

Shortly following my inquiry came this loving and gracious response from another mother who knows firsthand the anguish that awaits any parent who has been called onto the mission field of international adoption:

I just saw your note. I’m sorry you are hitting a dry spell in the wait for your LOA. The wait simply stinks!  So many of us on the various forums seem to get to that point where it seems as though we can NOT take one more day and yet He carries us through it. I’ve been there in the tears. I’ve snapped at people that didn’t deserve it. I’ve been unfaithful in my doubts. And still, He came through in amazing ways. I promise He is writing your story even tonight when all seems so bleak.

And can I make you a promise to pray with you until your daughter is home? Sincerely, like several times a day? Others have done the same for me and sometimes I think it is what got me through.

I really look forward to hearing how your story unfolds. My daughter Grace is my Zhongshan girl (adopted at just turned 7 in Nov. 2009). She is so precious to us and definitely worth all those tears and sleepless nights!

Many blessings,
Mom to 5

Upon reading Shelley's words for the very first time, I did actually experience somewhat of a lessening of the complete lack of faith and hope I found myself under.  And I believe it kept building throughout the next day when I was at a 4th of July celebration out in the middle of nowhere and a woman I have never met before suggested to me that perhaps God's timing in this matter has nothing to do with my family or my little Mei Mei but just perhaps His timing involves another little child at that very same orphanage who would not be able to handle Mei Mei leaving him or her behind and who needs to be able to leave with their family at the same time Mei Mei does.  

And do you want to know something else?  That scenario posed by this woman whom I've never met before in my entire life is the only one that has brought me any degree of relief or comfort!  And it's the only one that seems to hold back my tears.  Because friends, so much hinges on LOA.  As Mei Mei's mother, I am not allowed any contact with her without it, and nothing else in the adoption process will go any further without LOA.  Nothing.  And all I can think about is getting her home as quickly as possible. 

In addition to all of this, we've received news recently from two separate adoption grant agencies that our applications have been denied.   I didn't know I would take it so hard...

So here we are, maybe, hopefully, only three months away from traveling to get our girl, and we are $15,000 short of our goal.  ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, $16,300 has already been raised for the cause of this particular orphan, our daughter whom I've never met and whom I didn't know even existed before Decemer 6th of 2010 and whom I would do anything for now to free from a life of destitution, from a life void of a forever family and whom would most likely be denied a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus without the intervention God is orchestrating on her behalf right at this very moment through my little family of three. 

Friends, I do not know where the rest of the money will come from.  Will you pray about this for us?  Will you please ask the Lord to show us His will and His way in this matter so that we can continue to move forward without impediment or delay?  With our first adoption, we did it all on our own.  Actually, we ended up taking out a personal loan that caused me to feel the necessity to go back to work the very same week I got home with Sonya from China.  The regret of that decision lingers still.

Of the $16,300 so far gathered, $2,300 of it has come from personal donations ($300 of which is designated specifically toward Sonya's travel expenses).  We have received checks in the mail from friends, family, neighbors and strangers ranging anywhere from $10 to $500.  The rest of the money has come through our three fundraisers ($9,000) and the Show Hope Grant ($5,000).

We still owe $3,100 to Hand in Hand; $4,000 for the rest of our China fees; $5,500 for the orphanage donation; and roughly $8,000 in travel expenses.  

Do you want to know why I am comfortable involving you with all of this?  For one, you have given me permission with your care, concern, prayers and personal involvement already.  For two, because what this whole adoption journey has shown me is that asking for your help with prayers  and money has nothing at all to do with me.  It really has very little to do with my girl either.  Rather, it has to do with what my girl represents and what our family represents in the matter of caring for the orphan and responding to the call.  Some of us will be called out onto the mission field of international adoption while others will be asked to assist.  We are the goers, my little family of three.  And some of you are the senders. Some of you reading this right now will some day be the goers too, and when that day comes, I will rejoice with you, I promise...

One more thing, will you copy and paste our blog address and then send it to everyone on your email list so that we can get the word and the need out to a multitude of people?  We need your help.  Will you please help us?!

And if anyone reading this, after praying to the Lord for His will and His way, feels so inclined as to assist us in our adoption process either financially or by organizing a fund raiser on Mei Mei's behalf, please contact us via and I will share with you our home address or our home phone number.  Thank you so much for caring and for sharing and for praying!   We really couldn't do it without you!