Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prepare for Tears

When I watched this video, I wept...  Christian people, what are we doing?  Please watch.  And PRAY.

No Greater Joy Dad: Bulgaria's Abandoned Children Video


  1. Have spent the day watching the video, Cheryl. What an atrocity. One of my friends is traveling there next week to pick up her tiny, bed ridden, neglected daughter from an orphanage there. Although I did read in the comments on that blog that this particular orphanage was exposed and changes were made, the situation is not much better now at all. These children suffer, it is cruelty! Oh God, what shall we do?? Here I am posting pics of Disney World on my blog and these children?? oh shame. I must look inward.

  2. Hi Cheryl & Family!
    How are you guys??? It's been a while since you updated. I wanted to share with you a fundraising idea that we worked on yesterday. It was so fun, easy, and extremely affordable. Pass it on!