Monday, July 16, 2012

When Silly Meets Saucy

As much as Cassie has kept all three of us - Randy, Sonya and me - on our toes, her life with ours has been worth the effort with all of the unexpected challenges we've met along the way because of her in it. As much as Cassie is a pistol and a little firecracker and spunky and temperamental as all get out, still, I gotta admire her.  Really, she shows me every day what I would have been like as a child had I been given the time of day.  She really is so much like me that I feel like i'm looking at a mirror sometimes, and while God is using me as her mother to help shape and grow her into the person He wants her to be, He at the very same time is delivering me from an unfulfilled and tormented past through it all.  Does that make any sense? 

Cassie really has had so many rough edges to work through, and she's not perfect yet, but of course we don't expect her to be and who is anyway?  Yet amidst all of the drama, really I just have to say she melts our hearts every day. By her sweet, sweet nature and generous spirit, Cassie fills a place in our family noone else could ever possibly fill. 

There was a time had someone asked our oldest what it was like having a little sister she would have responded, with a hint of a smile on her face, "Horrible."  But Sonya deep down would not have been joking.  Even though back then there were more good times than bad, still there was enough rawness left in Cassie which made her completely unpredictable and which in turn made Sonya feel insecure and unsure if things were ever going to get better.  But now if you were to ask her what it is like to have a little sister, she would gleefully and cheerfully tell you, "It's good" or "It's nice".   

Something i had always wanted to do with Sonya pre- Cassie but didn't for fear of building up a vanity in her as an only child, was to take her to a beautiful flower garden somewhere and snap hundreds of pictures of her in lovely dresses with her hair all done up.  Now that I have two it does feel more natural to follow through with this idea without either one of them needing to get a big head over it.  So we did it. 

Just a few days ago i put the girls in dresses, did up their hair, and with a spare dress for each of them, headed out the door to a nearby park with gorgeous flowers, plentiful trees, benches and a nice gazebo.  The rest of my post will be of pictures I took of the girls in their poses or simply acting silly with eachother.  You will see for yourself by the time they changed dresses they had begun to wilt a little at the very end as the temperature outside had climbed to about ninety degrees by then.  Even so, they were both good sports about it for the most part, not to mention i promised i would treat them to Wendy's if they kept smiling and did not complain. 

Enjoy!  And please leave me your comments if the spirit moves you!

"To God be the glory for the great things he hath done!"


  1. Simply adorable. They are too cute for words!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics!!!!!!

  3. Such sweet pictures! Love it!

  4. Thanks for the update on Cassie:) It gives me so much hope of much better days:) Love the pictures of these two sisters. Blessings to you

  5. What a beautiful and sweet photo shoot!! What a joy to see these pictures! How wonderful!