Thursday, February 17, 2011

May God's Will Be Done

It is difficult for my brain to comprehend it was only two months ago that our adoption journey to bring our second daughter home began. Even though two months is a short span of time, the waiting feels like it's been going on forever.

Last week we were finally able to send out adoption grant applications to four separate agencies praying like thousands of other families in our same shoes that our family will be one of them that is helped. I rest in the calm assurance that whatever happens will be God's will in this matter. However the money is paid to secure our little one's freedom, it will be God Himself who directs its flow.

Very recently, I walked around as though there was a heavy weight placed directly on the center of my chest, threatening to cut off from me my life and my calm. I was this way until one afternoon three weeks ago I received a call from Randy from his work place informing me he took out a ten thousand dollar loan against our 401k in order to buy us a little time and to allow me to breathe easier.

And breathe easier I have done, except I will say as a woman, mother and wife the reason for restored peace and calm to my person is because my husband showed me he is willing to do everything it takes to get our little one home. How could we ever ask God to do everything it takes unless we are willing to do it ourselves?

The amount of planning and preparation for our first fund raiser has been monumental. We have been busily calling companies and businesses in our area to secure items and certificates for our silent auction at the spaghetti dinner as well as items for door prizes. Randy has been all over town hanging up fliers as well as picking up the donations. I have been asking anyone who offers to hang up fliers at their churches or anywhere they frequent and to invite family, friends and neighbors. We are prayerfully hoping for 500 in attendance, and Blondie's Cookies is obliging our vision by providing us with 500 cookies!

We have met with much success so far in the way of donations. Companies and stores donating to this event are Rainbow Furniture, Holiday Inn, the Mastodon Grill, Ciocca's Cleaning and Restoration, Dantzer Heating and Cooling, Diamond Air-Rainbow Vacuums, Blondie's Cookies, Cookie Cottage, Crazy Pinz, Rave Theatres, Regal Cinemas, B. Antonio's Pizza, Comfort Quilters, Atz's Ice Cream, Home Transformations Residential Cleaning Service, Cottage Flowers, Spyro's Pancake House, New Haven Bakery, Abby Brown's Chocolates, Forever Friends Floral, Office Depot, Too Much Fun Rubber Stamps, Art by Mindy Bermes, Roberts Shoes, Azteca Restaurant, Pro Bowl, Georgetown Bowl, Neuhouser Garden and Gifts, Eagle Tile, Three Rivers Natural Grocery Food Co-op, Mary Kay Products, the Country Baker, Stitch N Frame, Umber's Do It Best Hardware, Chik Fil A, Peg Perego and many others!

A friend reminded me recently that whoever is supposed to be in attendance at our dinner will be there, and that whatever the outcome, it will be God's will because God is in charge. These are helpful words for me to remember as my mind races to calculate figures and numbers. The simple truth is, whatever the outcome, it is all good and it is all for God's Glory. I am reminded of His words to me not so long ago when He told me that He will "make a way".

Just the other day God showed Randy and me how He does things. While I was on the phone with a restaurant whose representative was sharing with me that they do not donate to individuals, unbeknownst to me Randy was in this particular restaurant conversing with the owner about what we've been up to, and the owner of this restaurant decided to give us a $25.00 gift certificate toward our silent auction! God showed us in this simple yet profound instance that He will be the one to decide the outcome of every circumstance, not man, because what we are doing in adopting little Mei Mei is His good and perfect will for us, and He wants to bless our efforts and our hearts for it.

"Praise you, Father! Praise your Good and Perfect Name! Praise you for so graciously and gently directing our steps throughout our adoption journey! We are nothing without you, and we are so grateful for you!"

I simply feel that Randy and I need to cast the net as far as we can by talking to as many people as we can and generating as much enthusiasm and support for the cause of the orphan as we can, and then in the end, God will decide who will be blessed with the blessing.

For all of you who have faithfully followed our adoption blog or who have simply demonstrated caring and interest for what we are doing and going through as a family, let me say now, "Thank you! Your kindness means so much to us. Your words of comfort are like a healing balm to our hearts. God bless you all! We will not forget what you have done for us!"

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