Monday, April 18, 2011

A Poem About You from Your Mother

One day while living out my life
the Holy Spirit blew my way
and told me,
"You have another daughter."

Scarcely comprehending this Truth
I called my husband to seek his point of view
forgetting soon after it ever happened.
Until it happened again.
And again.

Then while sitting in my pew
the Lord God on High showed me what to do.
Ask my husband to take me up front
and pray for His will concerning adoption.
Or relieve my burdened heart.

Later that evening while at church again
the call to come forward laid on my heart
heavily...until we responded,
approaching our pastor with a fervent plea
to help us by praying
for the Lord's will
in this most delicate issue.

So what began on the wind
made its way inside the church walls
and the lives of our brethren
to hold us up in prayer
for His will to be done.

What seems to have taken place
so long ago
happened only last season
and the time is flying
for our departure
to bring you home.

What of your existence?
Did you only become a reality
when the wind carried your
existence into my reality?

Or have you always been mine
before the very beginning of time?
To daughter me as I mother you.

As the days fly by,
time stands still.
When will I see you?
When will I hold you?
When will I get to kiss
your cheek the way I kiss
your sister's?

Will you like my kisses
and my hugs
like your sister does?

Will you know us as yours?
I pray that you do.
Your big sister has hugs
all prepared for you.

Your sister who is choosey
and not so easily swayed looks
forward to showing you her love.
From the beginning.
When she saw you
for the first time and said,
"Oh Mommy, I want her to be my sister."

And your father
whose love for you is true
presses weights to be ready
to carry two daughters
and not just one.

We heard you asked about us.
"When is my family coming?"
Even though no human being
has yet told you the news.

Our God is preparing your
beautiful heart for your
new life with us as you sleep
...and dream.

Do you dream of us as
we do of you?
I pray that you do.

I cry for you, dear,
as I wait...
the long-awaited
"Gotcha Day."

May the Lord on High
Surround you with His Ministering Angels
as they guard, guide and protect
your every step
while we wait.

And when we meet for
the very first time,
"Please Lord, let their be
a recognition of love and
genuine belonging in
our little one's awareness
from us to her.
From her to us."

We love you, dear Mei Mei.
We always have and
we always will.

"Lord, keep our little Mei Mei
in your loving hands
until you bid us
safe passage."

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