Friday, August 26, 2011

Almost, But Not Quite

Okay, it's getting closer and closer.  LOA that is.  We received word today that finally all of our paperwork is in one location in China, and they plan on issuing approval within the next two weeks.  If you recall, China asked for more information from us in June, and when that happened what I did not anticipate ever was the lengthy, arduous and EXCRUTIATING wait on our hands.

Had I known what to expect in the first place, perhaps i wouldn't have suffered so much. But really, it doesn't help knowing that Cassie Mei is struggling.   Please pray for our beautiful Cassie Mei who unfortunately will not be united with her family during her birthday month which is September.  I know, I know...only God knows why.  But... we will be sending our little darling a birthday cake and a present and a letter translated into Mandarin. 

And soon, very, very soon, I am going to plaster Cassie's pics all over this blog anywhere they will fit!  And oh, how I wish i could somehow paste Sonya's and Cassie's pictures together so that they look like they really are already together.  Sonya tells me they do visit in dreams.  She has even dreamt that they speak English/Mandarin to one another, where they start a conversation in one language and finish it in the other.  How cute and ADORABLE is that?!

Okay, i'm feeling so much better!  Did you know i've been walking around with shackles on my ankles for about two months now dragging behind me a big ball and chain?  Now with news that LOA is on it's way which translates -there really is light at the end of the tunnel- i am free!  Thank you, Lord Jesus! 

On to other news.  Check out the picture of Sonya and her beloved art teacher, Miss Sharon:

Very soon i will share with you a project Sonya is involved in to bring help to orphans in China.  As a prelude, i will tell you that when i first shared with Sonya an opportunity which presented itself to help raise funds to pay for medical procedures involving children from her home country, Sonya did not hesitate to support the cause with her own efforts.  Stay tuned to find out more.

Now on to even more news...Do you remember when Sonya was raising money to pay her own way to China?  Do you remember also that Sonya did indeed raise her full amount with the generous support of her dentist friend?

Well...Sonya now wants to host a fund raiser on Saturday, September 17, 2011 to raise the rest of the money for her little sister's airline ticket!  So far, Sonya has managed to raise $155.00 towards Cassie's $1,000.00 ticket by selling her art work, but friends let's face it, it would be rather difficult for Sonya at this juncture to raise the rest of the money utilizing only this method... 

So, Sonya has suggested doing a lemonade stand which has now grown into the idea of a carnival with prizes, a chinese auction and of course (can we get a drum roll, please) more of Sonya's fabulous art work!  

More details to come.  Stop back soon, and find out what Sonya plans on doing with the first $100.00 raised at her lemonade stand on Saturday, September 17! 

Once again, and i know its' been awhile since i've said this, but thank you thank you thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement!  People the process to adopt internationally, especially a child who is considered  "special needs"  is emotionally draining and yes, even painful (try getting through a church service without crying!) but oh so worth it!  Please pray for us that our wait can now speed up again, and that we travel at God's anointed and appointed time!  Thank you so much!

P.S. The pink ink is in honor of Sonya!


  1. This is such good news!!
    And I can't wait to hear more about what is coming next! Your daughter is one special little girl! And extremely talented!

  2. I love Sonya's artwork! What a beautiful heart she has to want to help! I was so excited to hear the good news regarding your LOA! I pray your TA comes quickly!

  3. Can't wait to hear about the 'Carnival' idea!

  4. Thank you blogging! I like the look! I hope Sonya raises the rest of the money she needs!


  5. So glad to be home and join up with your blog and follow along!!!!

  6. Wow Sonya, "You Rock!" My son, eighteen year old son Joshua said, "Your artwork is off the chain!" (thats a good thing.)

    I would love to see one of your prints on a tee shirt!

    Yes Mom, you are FREE IN DEED! I get chill bumps just thinking of that sweet, giving, beautiful little girl and the NEW LIFE THAT SHE IS SOON GOING TO ENJOY!

    PS Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, it meant so much to Olivia.



  7. Hi Cheryl! Thank you for your encouraging words and prayer for me. I am so excited to finally get a glimpse of your journey to your new daughter!! Our journey to our two from China have increased our faith as I see the Lord increasing yours! Enjoy the journey!