Friday, September 2, 2011

Gearing Up for Sonya's Big FUNdraiser Extravaganza!

Hello everyone!

Two weeks from now (Saturday, September 17th  from 2-5 pm at the Calvary Chapel church parking lot next to our addition) Sonya will be hosting a FUNdraiser to raise money to bring her baby sister home from China!  Perhaps you will recall when Sonya's new dentist friend handed her a one hundred dollar bill to cover her remaining China costs, he asked Sonya to still do her lemonade stand (because that was her last great idea for raising money for her airline ticket) and then give the money she made to her church. 

Now at the time, neither the dentist or I knew that as soon as Sonya left his office she would already be planning how to make money to pay for her little sister's trip home from China. 

Initially, when Sonya only needed one hundred dollars more to reach her goal, a lemonade stand seemed like a feasible means to that end.  But once Sonya decided to tackle raising her sister's airline costs too (roughly $1,000.00) I knew we would need to expand Sonya's FUNdraising efforts.

So here is what we came up with: a carnival, a chinese auction, Sonya's art work, and yes, let's not forget her lemonade stand.  In order for Sonya to fulfill her promise she made to her dentist to give her lemonade stand proceeds to her church, (which i just know Sonya will want to give to missions because remember Sonya has a heart for missions) we've concluded that the best way to go about this is to donate the first $100.00 made at the lemonade stand to the church and everything over that amount, including proceeds from everything else going on that day, will go towards Cassie's airline ticket. 

We will have a sign posted at the lemonade stand explaining the what and the why so that we can keep our dealings with our neighbors, friends and the public above-board and completely transparent.

If LOA comes this week (which it should come because I was told it would) I will post Sonya's FUNdraiser flier on the blog which happens to have the cutest picture ever of little Cassie Mei.  Sonya is on the flier too, and i think we all already know how cute Sonya is!  For those of you who have never laid eyes on Cassie yet, trust me when i tell you that she is BEAUTIFUL inside and out!  As one mommy put it who recently saw Cassie in person, she is "so cute and has a precious dolly face".

And, will you please pray for us to receive our long-awaited LOA (letter of approval) this week?  As Cassie's mother, i need LOA so that i can feel one-step closer to holding my daughter in my arms.  Friends, this precious girl does not know what a mommy should feel like or look like because she has never had one of her own ever.  I know she wants a mother, though, because orphans do know it is normal to have one, and i am desperately wanting to start the count down until i can begin to fulfill that wish for her in person...  But without LOA this mommy is stuck in a holding pattern, or so it seems in the natural world. 

Also, we are waiting right now to hear from two different adoption grant agencies, and we are praying fervently that we will be helped in a BIG WAY.  With the Lord's help, to date $17,500.00 has been raised to free Cassie from a life with no family to call her own, and we are anticipating needing  $14,000.00-$15,000.00 more to cover all adoption costs (this amount includes two weeks mandatory in-country travel). 

So... please pray for favor on our family that we receive these grants and in a timely fashion.   Thank you again for your continued prayers over our family, and as a mother of two, thank you so much for loving my girls! 


  1. Hoping and praying that the FUNdraiser is a HUGE success and goes beyond what you can even imagine!

  2. God will supply your needs! We are getting ready to start our fundRASIN event this Fall! I have arranged a night time glow in the dark golf tour and making bling bling necklaces with our local football symbol on them to sale at the games! GO FIGHTING SAINTS!! Blessings-Joy

  3. Praying for great success for the FUNdraiser!!! God is good and He is our provider!!!

  4. I am praying for your LOA and the FUNdraiser.