Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Great News!

We are home from Indy now, and Cassie's surgeon said they accomplished everything with her heart they had hoped to accomplish.  And what's more, the three medications she's been taking since being at the orphanage are not necessary.  It seems the heart team at Riley can't quite figure out why they had Cassie on them in the first place.  That tells me that not only was Cassie's heart forced to go over seven years without being provided the medical intervention desperately needed, but giving her medications was only to make it appear as though she was being treated when in fact no real medical help has ever been given to her at all for her heart until now.  Thank you, Father, for sustaining Cassie through the years and giving her the hope of a forever family.

During the catheterization, it has been reported that when her ventricle was opened with a balloon and blood was able to flow through her heart for the first time ever, Cassie's oxygen levels shot up from 68 to 94.  She is now maintaining in the 80s which is to be expected while her heart is relearning and adjusting to its new conditions. 

Cassie has some pink in her skin now and much of the blueness has gone away but not entirely as she still has a whole in her heart, but nothing to concern ourselves about for a while.  And as Cassie's mother, i still hold to the belief that God will fill that hole without further medical intervention.

When the interpreter asked Cassie what she'd like to learn to do now that she will have the necessary energy, she told her she would like to learn how to fish.  Imagine her surprise and joy at discovering we have a pond in our addition stocked with fish and that Randy has been taking Sonya to fish there for the past four years. Cassie was so happy to hear that it will be her father who will teach her.  Folks, Cassie has come a long way with her relationship with her dad, and we are certain it has only been through divine intervention.  Without God in this, we would not be seeing such rapid improvement not only in Cassie's health but overall demeanor and disposition.

I would like to share some pics taken since being home and her visit to Riley as well as one or two from China to demonstrate visually what i am referring to when I say God is in this and working on a transformation in Cassie 24/7.  I can't imagine doing any of this without Him in it.  Btw, Cassie is starting to pick up some english and today for the first time after Randy said our lunch time prayer, Cassie chimed in loudly and crystal clear, "Amen!"

Sonya presenting Cassie with a gift of a doll

Cassie thanking her big sister, Sonya, with a kiss

Cassie's very first ever dental appointment

Playing in the bedroom that she shares with Sonya

The girls taking turns tickling eachother.  This time it is Sonya's turn to tickle!

Cassie meeting with the doctors at Riley

Preparing for Surgery

Cassie in recovery with her interpreter, Yen Chen, present

Cassie's nighttime nurse, Claire, taking her temperature

Claire and me bribing Cassie with a  popsicle to get her to wear her blood pressure cuff. 
There's just something about the pressure coming from that cuff that sends Cassie
into all-out panic mode.

Happy, Happy little girl!


  1. Oh these pictures and words make me well-up... God is SO good and I thank Him that I get to follow your family story. Both your girls are so adorably precious. Cassie looks like she has been brave. I look forward to seeing fish pictures of the girls with Randy!!!
    The blessings will continue to flow! That's who our God is!

  2. Thanks for the update! LOve the pictures of both girls:) What a couple of beautiful girls you have. Praise God for his gift of healing....for her physical heart ache, and her spiritual one.

  3. So glad for the good update! Praise the Lord!


  4. Happy for a good report! Love all the pictures - you can see differences in so many ways already!

    Who knows WHY they do what they do! Haleigh had THREE surgeries with weeks in the hospital her first year of life for the hemangiomas. We were told here that the surgeries were NEVER necessary as they would have cleared on their own! Now she has unnecessary scars on her face and the one on her chest is huge.