Tuesday, March 6, 2012

About Sonya

Over a month ago, while driving around in the car with the girls, i heard over the radio that Casting Crowns was planning on coming to our town at the beginning of March.  Almost under my breath, i murmured how nice it would be to go to that concert with Sonya, ALONE.  Just to get away together, all alone.  Sonya overheard me, and ever since, every time it has been mentioned on Star 88.3 that tickets were being given away to the right caller, she would encourage me to phone in.   Knowing i never would, less than two weeks ago, while again driving in the car with the girls and 88.3 announcing more ticket give-aways, I told God that the only way we could go to that concert was if someone offered us tickets to go for free

Well, that very day, I received an email from a representative from Show Hope looking for volunteers to man their booth at the Casting Crowns concert.  For those volunteers, they could watch the concert for FREE!  I immeditately responded to this email with an emphatic, "We'll do it!"  And "There are four of us available."  When i heard back shortly afterwards, i was informed that there were only two spots left.  At that juncture, I did not hesitate to sign Sonya and myself up for the opportunity to share and educate our community about the work of Show Hope and adoption and the blessings therein.

Digressing, i felt it imperative at the time that Sonya be allowed some alone time with her mother.  Although Sonya is not perfect, i will say she's been a perfect gem while helping Randy and i, with the Lord's leading, weave Cassie into our family over the past what will be close to three months by now.  And as Sonya's mother, i have missed her.   My heart has ached at times for the opportunity to experience Sonya all to myself, and in all honesty, the thought of spending time with a child who speaks English and who not only understands me but obeys me (okay, okay, for the most part) was beginning to sound really good at that point.

By me admitting this, i do not feel i am in any way taking away from the incredible experience of Cassie and all the BEAUTY and LOVE and Humor she brings to our family.  I LOVE CASSIE.  We ALL LOVE that girl!  BUT, adoption is HARD.... on everyone, including and more specifically the child being adopted.  So while I am not looking for your sympathy, I am asking for perhaps some understanding.  Generally, adoptive families only share amongst themselves just how incredibly difficult the process of adoption is, even with our God at the helm.  Why, without Him, adoption would not be difficult, just IMPOSSIBLE.  So with Him, still a parent, a family, sometimes feels like they walk around with their insides showing, completely vulnerable and exposed to the dissection of the populace at large while the newly adopted child and the core family members try to work it all out, sometimes with flying colors and sometimes in dismal failure or at least what appears to be so from an emotional and mental perspective.    

So.. back to the topic, which is "Sonya".  On March 1st of this year, not only did Sonya get an opportunity to hear her mother share with others about the miracle of adoption, more specifically, the miracle of HER adoption, but she got to eat pink cotton candy and a whole bag of popcorn while listening to beautiful, uplifting and captivating songs about Jesus, her Lord and Savior.  And she got to do all of this in the company of one of her favorite people in the whole wide world - her mother.  And let me just say, it was SO MUCH FUN! 

Thank you, Lord, for making a way for Sonya and I to spend time together and serve You and what You hold dear at the very same time!  Lord, You heard our hearts' cry, and You answered it.  You met our desire even though we did not anticipate that You would!  But You did it anyway!  What an AWESOME God are You!  How can we ever repay You for all that You have given to us, done for us?  Help us, Lord, to know You and serve You more fully.  Even little Sonya, although only eight years old, i ask You Lord to touch her and be with her always and kindle in her a desire to know and live the Purpose You made her for.  Lord, Help me, to be an example to her and Cassie of dying to self so that I can LIVE FOR YOU in ALL that i do.  Amen

Cassie and her daddy getting ready to go out on a date of their own while Sonya and I attended the concert.  Had Cassie known that Sonya and i would not be returning home until 11:30 that night, while she was sound asleep, she would not have been smiling.   In the middle of the night, she came to my bed and threw her arms around me crying "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" and the next morning gave me the business by chiding, "Mei Mei sleeping, and Mommy gen (and) Sonya bye bye!  Mei Mei bu happy, Mommy!"  Thankfully, she's over it now.  

Sonya and I at the Show Hope booth.  Sometimes I forget Sonya was once an orphan.  Seeing her stand under this sign reminds me of how she started out in life and the redemptive power of REDEMPTION through ADOPTION, first in a forever family and then ultimately at the feet of Jesus when we ask Him to be our Lord and Savior and then allow Him to work miracles through us by first breaking the chains that bind us.

Thank you all once again for allowing me to share my heart with you!  I love you because He showed me how!


  1. Cheryl, as has happened before... what you shared has me in tears, and it speaks right to the fears in my heart and what I feel for my daughter and grieve the thought of missing her even as my hour is at hand... Your words help me dare to hope in the one who called us, that He will give us time too... Thank you. And, Sonya is just so sweet and I love the pic and I love that Cassie had a date with Daddy and how she could express herself to you!
    It is all SO good. But thanks for sharing the reality too. It matters to know what is true and what is right and what is good and how we find our little human selves reaching up for help and hope... and the REALITY of the HOPE that is REAL in HIM! Sorry so long...

  2. I'm glad to hear that you got to go to the concert! God is good!

  3. I am so glad that God answered your prayer, and allowed you to go see Casting Crowns! God is so good to us!

  4. Amen to Soon 2 B 4's comment. Let me just add that even with a family of 4 bio kids, It is SO nice to have a one on one date with them. There should be no guilt in that. If you add a child to your family by birth.....you miss the time alone you had with your first child, and even wish for time alone with your newborn. It only strengthens the bonds, it does NOT mean you love one more or less! Amen to your prayer as well. Praying for your continued bonding, and adjustments as a family. Blessings dear friend,