Monday, March 19, 2012

Is This Your Son?

I met this young man while visitng Cassie's orphanage back in December.  The orphanage adoption coordinator asked me to get my picture taken with him and let people know here in America just how badly he wants a family of his own. Just recently I asked Cassie if he is a nice boy.  She said he is very nice boy and would even make a good brother to someone.  He "ages out" in June which means in his case, after June 21st, he will no longer be adoptable.  

Below is more information along with a video of "Oliver" showing you his skills with a yo yo while sharing more about himself.  Please, please spread the word to get this boy out of that orphanange!  I have learned that when a child really wants so desperately to be adopted, as in Oliver's case, he/she becomes very teachable in a family to learn a new way of life.   Please, please give him a chance!

Precious 13-yr old boy "Oliver" (DOB 6-21-1998) from Zhongshan SWI is longing for a family! He put his heart into a video with the hope that a family would be moved to adopt him!

Here is the video link

A little after about 3:50 in the video, he shares his desire for a family. It will touch you deeply. "Oliver" has repaired cleft lip and palate and ages out June 21st, 2012!

He is on the shared list, however, WACAP has up to $9500 in financial aid available (including a $4200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption and the possibility of up to $5300 in fee waivers).

The note below is written by the orphanage staff who does the dossiers for children.

"His Birthday is June 21, 1998. He is Cleft Palate after surgery. He had not been suffered any serious injury.

He is outgoing and open. He likes sports, e.g. Basketball, run, badminton, pingpong, soccer, rope, yoyo, etc… He is very good in basketball, badminton and yoyo.

He likes to help young children.

He is studying in Special Needs School which is just outside of the orphanage.

His school result is not so good, though, he is so good in physical achievement and dancing, he attends to school sports game and do performance on festivals events every year.

He is dying for being adopted by family, he is eager for having a warm home which belongs to himself.

When I first talked to him, he dare not look at me, he is so shy with blushed face. Now we are like good friends. Every time we talk, he is very happy. He has many questions to ask me, always ask me whether there is a family to adopt him or when he could go abroad. I tell him that him that I am working hard to find a family for him."

Please consider Oliver and spread the word. I know of some who have gone from scratch to adopting an aging out child in 3 mos.  Donna O is a wonderful resource on how to successfully sprint! See her blog and info under "pages"  at

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  1. It makes me so sad to think that so many kids are without mama's and dada's! I hope he finds a family real soon!