Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Latest

Okay, do not do what i did today, and that is delete pictures from your picasa web album.  And do you want to know why not?  Because you will also delete pics off your blog!!!!!

Suffice it to say....I now have many posts without pictures, and I am really not so sure i am up for replacing all of them, or even remembering which pics i had where, for that matter.   Lesson learned, the hard way....

Well we just returned home from a two-night stay at a water park in Sanduskey, Ohio.  Cassie's first ever experience with inner-tubes  and water slides, and let me just say right now, me the proud mama, she did fantastic.  This girl is truly fearless!  All this time I think she was just waiting for a family to show her who she really is.  

Unfortunately I did not get even one picture of them in the water, but i will share a few others with you that i think are cute.  Hopefully you will like them too!

While we were away from home, Cassie lost another tooth, her third one since being with her family!  these are EXCITING times, friends!

The next picture was taken by Cassie while we were at the restaurant.  It reflects what Randy and i have always known - that Sonya is a mommy's girl.  Oh sure, Sonya loves her daddy, and he's the best toy she's ever played with.  Not to mention a wonderfully loving and gentle father to her.   

Now we are learning that daddy has a girl of his own.  Don't get me wrong, Cassie can't live without me.  I mean, I'm the first one she runs to when she wakes up in the middle of the night filled with fear and panic that her new life isn't real.  But no doubt about it, Cassie is a daddy's girl from the top of her head to the tips of her toes!  This next picture is of Cassie at Zhongshan when she is probably five years old.  When I saw it for the very first time, there were two things i identified about her from studying her face and posture.  #1:  She is a perfectionist and likes to do things well.  #2:  She needs a daddy so she can do things well and without fear.  Cassie, once called Zhong Feng Mei, is the last one in line.

But look at her now!


  1. Love the header picture:)LOL So glad to see them having fun together:) She really has come SO far! Hugs