Thursday, March 24, 2011

More China Children to Adopt!

Boy 226 B- This handsome young 8-year-old boy has had cleft lip and palate repair surgeries. He has lived with a foster family since age six. He is an average learner. He can sometimes be naughty about doing his chores. He gets along well with other children.

Boy 226 C - This cute little 3-year-old boy has deformities of his limbs. He cannot walk but he can scoot around on his rear. He has an outgoing personality, likes to listen to music and smile, likes colorful toys, and likes to play outdoor games. He likes to draw.

Boy 226 D - This 7 ½ year old bright young boy has had corrective surgery for club feet. Now he can walk, run, jump alone, his other growth is normal, he has good self-care ability, can help do housework, e.g. sweep the floor, take out the trash etc. He likes writing Chinese characters, drawing, reading, likes to have discussions on schoolwork with the kids around him, listens to the teachers attentively, can answer the teachers’ questions after thinking over them. He is a kid who is good at studying.

Boy 226 E– This 7 ½ year old little boy has congenital absence deformity of bones on the left hand and carpal bones, syncretic deformity of near tip of the left radius and ulna. Firstly since he lived in the welfare institute and seldom communicated with other, he was shy and not talkative. After a period, the teachers communicated with him actively, and other children played with him actively, he became outgoing. He turned to be active, and could communicate with others on his own. Though he only has one hand, he could take care of himself in the daily life. He would tidy up his bedclothes after getting up. He is friendly to other children in this institute, would help others actively. When he is free, he would help the caretakers to take care of other children and play with them.

Boy 226 F – This almost nine-year-old handsome young boy has had a cleft palate surgically repaired. In the orphanage, he was accustomed to the life in various stages and had common living habits, regular life. He is interested in handicrafts. His interests and imagination develop well. When teacher and classmates change the classroom’s environment, they mad a pearl-decorated curtain from discarded foam, separated the handicraft zone from classroom, which has a great influence. In the curtain, there are different patterns in strings, each pattern has different numbers, from 1 and 9, 2 and 8, 3 and 7…till 9 and 1; when children are doing calculating, the curtain becomes a great abacus. He likes to stand in front of the curtain very much, with hands move to and fro, counting continuously “1,2,3…”. When he sets aside answer according to teacher’s question, he will jump happily and tell teacher “I did it teacher!” When guests visit our classroom, He will point the curtain and tell guests proudly, “This is made by us and teacher together, we use it for calculation.” He is bright in his school work and enjoys learning.  No Longer Available through Hand in Hand.

Child R - This is an almost ten-year-old girl with postoperative cleft lip and palate. She is described as clever, with a ready smile, easy to accept new things, sociable, energetic, gets along with children who share a room with her, likes to play with toys with sounds, is good at communicating and does average work in school.  No longer available through Hand in Hand.

Child 10C –This is an expressive and smiley 6-year-old boy who has funnel chest but is otherwise healthy. He is outgoing and warm, curious toward everything, likes building with blocks, and gets along well with other children. He has some language delays but the teachers say he is a good boy. He likes music too. 
No longer available through Hand in Hand.

For further information on these China children, please contact Vickie Truelove at Hand in Hand International Adoption Agency @ 260-636-3566.

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