Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Little Monkey

The following is a picture of Sonya taken just a few short days ago, 
sound asleep on the couch and trying to get over the stomach flu.  
Once Sonya got well, we quickly started on our next project - painting the girls' room. 
Yes, they will share a room.  Otherwise, how will they ever learn to share? 
Not only their toys
 but their thoughts and their dreams...
 Sonya's cat, Bibi, seems to know this is Sonya's (and Cassie's)
 new room now.  She sat like that in the corner of the bedroom
for a good long while.
Between being stuck in bed for a couple of days,
closely followed by helping to paint the bedroom,  
Sonya just can't take it anymore! 
 She is now climbing the walls! 
 Do you think she just might need
a little fresh air and sunshine?!
When we were in China, the parents of the other little baby girls being adopted from our group lovingly called  Sonya a "little monkey".  Sonya's little sister is born in the year of the monkey.  Do you think we just might end up with two little monkeys on our hands?! 
Well, I sure hope so!!!

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  1. I remember how fun (and somewhat stressful since we did it the week before we left for China) it was to prepare Haleigh's room. Praying that God will supply all your needs! Your daughter's artwork is beautiful; she is very talented!