Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And the Latest News!

Sonya has two very special friends from church who have made a decision to walk along beside Sonya in getting her baby sister home to America.  These two friends, children close to Sonya's age and of their own volition, hand-made over 100 bracelets of various styles to sell to prospective buyers in an effort to offset some of the cost for Cassie's airline ticket.  To date, they have made $32.60 by selling these treasures at their family's block party last Saturday afternoon, and  will continue in their efforts to raise further funds at Sonya's FUNdraiser this Saturday.  So please, while you are visiting Sonya this weekend, remember to stop by and check out and purchase some of Madisun and Jack Madalinski's totally awesome bracelets made with love for Sonya and a precious little girl they have yet to meet. 

Thanks Jack and Madisun!  You totally ROCK!


  1. So sweet about the bracelets! Praying that this weekend's FUNdraiser is a total success!

  2. Praying that the fundraiser will be a complete success! Love that Sonya has a heart for her sister! So sweet!