Friday, September 16, 2011

Some Pics of Zhong Feng Mei! Yay!

One of my FAVORITES of my beautiful Feng Mei.  She is the sweet little girl to the far left.  God is good - ALL THE TIME.

Can you spot her again?  She is to the far right holding up her fingers and laughing.

Far left.  Happy, Happy  Mei Mei!
Wavey Mei Mei!

This is the picture I posted before, with Selina, the sweet momma who met my daughter and delivered a package to the orphanage for us to give to Mei Mei after we received LOA.

More to come, but gotta run for now! 

Pray for success for Sonya's FUNdraiser, please...  I know many of you already are. It's getting closer, friends.  FINALLY!!! 


  1. Love that you can finally post pictures! Praying for Sonya's fundraiser!

  2. Finally, we can all see your precious baby's smiling face!

  3. So glad that you can finally post her pictures! Will be thinking of you tomorrow and praying for a wonderful FUNdraiser!!!

  4. She is absolutely beautiful and sweet! I spotted her right away. I love the picture of her hugging the children next to her! God bless Mei Mei!