Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks for Asking!

Thank you for asking how Sonya's FUNdraising efforts are going to raise enough money to pay for her little sister's airline ticket home from China!  Before Sonya's FUNdraiser she had already raised $155.00 toward her little sister's one-way ticket to America.  She did this solely by selling her art work.  Then, with a lot of help from her friends, Sonya raised another $285.00 at her FUNdraiser Extravaganza back on September 17th!

So far, Sonya has raised $440.00 of the one thousand dollar goal.  $1,000.00, btw,  is the amount quoted to us for a child's one way ticket to America. 

Sonya is still selling art work if you are interested.  I have added two more prints to the home page.  Here is a preview!

Still Waters

The Beach

In a very short span of time, from March to September, the Lord has gathered for the cause of freeing Zhong Feng Mei $32,285.00!!!!!! 

We are looking at increased airline and hotel costs as we approach the end of the year, however (because it's drawing closer to the Chinese New Year, or at least that's the reason I've been told).  Additionally, because China changed some of their rules and regulations regarding post-placement adoption visits, our adoption agency had no choice but to raise their fees another $1,800.00 to cover their added workload.  Suffice it to say, we are still a little bit short of paying for the adoption in full.  My guesstimate?  Due to delay in travel and increase in adoption fees we are approximately $4,000.00-$5,000.00 short. 

The good news is we are still waiting to hear back from two adoption grant agencies, and we are hopeful it will be very soon!  And we are hopeful it will be good news!  Whatever the case, God keeps showing us He will cover it, and the best part of all, my family is not unique.  I've read on innumerable international adoption blogs about how the Lord will show up and cover the adoption costs down to the last penny and even sometimes at the eleventh hour.   

My hope and prayer has always been that God would use our experience to show families with a heart for adoption that it is possible to adopt a child or children without a reserve in the bank when the Lord is behind it. 

I am not entirely comfortable divulging what feels to be under "normal" circumstances highly private information surrounding the cost of this adoption.  However, I don't see how i can be anything but completely transparent with all of you when it is obvious to me and
Randy that all of this is the Lord's doing.  We can't even take credit for the idea of Cassie.  Yes, this is all the Lord's deal, and we want to make sure He receives the FULL GLORY for everything that unfolds since the beginning of our journey and from here on out. 

The Lord has always known the high cost of international adoption.  He knew before all was said and done this adoption would cost even more  than we originally anticipated in order to bring our little Cassie Mei home.   How merciful is our Father that he doesn't reveal too much too soon of His plans for us before He has prepared a way for us to succeed!  

I want to thank all of you for your prayers, your kind words, your emails and even your cut-out magazine articles on adoption that some of you have painstakingly carried on you until the time presented itself to give to me in person - just to let me know you're thinking of me and that you care!   

I have written a lot about our church, Waynedale Baptist, and how they have chosen to step up and walk right along beside us in this most difficult and at times JOYFUL journey to our littlest.  But now, I want to put the spotlight on Sonya's homeschool gym class.  Countless families have gone out of their way to share with me how our journey and its chronicling is touching them, changing and inspiring them!  Renewing a sense of hope in their hearts and minds that God is in the details, He does answer prayers, and He does have a Plan for each of us who are called according to His Purpose. 

Yes, God is in the details, and He knew what He was doing when He placed Sonya and me in the path of all these wonderful home school families who have not made us walk alone! 

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I love you and i am grateful for you!   For All of you!  Your kindness AMAZES me!  It INSPIRES me!  YOUR kindness raises me up out of my human frailty and weakness and sets my eyes upon the possibilities of what God is calling me to in this hour and for this cause so that i may have something of value to give to you in return.  And through this the fellowship of the Body, May our Father in Heaven be glorified and exalted!


  1. Praying that you will have what you need long before you are ready to travel!

  2. Wow the FUNdraiser went well and raised almost half a ticket home for precious Feng Mei! As I am posting, Katie Grace exclaimed excitedly "Zhong Feng Mei! Zhong Feng Mei!!!" smiling and pointing at your daughter's picture! So wonderful how well she remembers her friends so well and is happy to see their faces. I can't wait to show her Feng Mei at home with her new mama!

  3. Praying for your adoption expenses!!!! We understand!!!!

  4. These are AMAZING. I LOVE these new ones. :) Trying to think if there is a place here I could hang one or two...

    You have such a gifted daughter -- can't wait to see how your new little one fits into your family!