Sunday, October 30, 2011


Yesterday was Genna's 12th birthday! Genna is one of Sonya's dear friends from church.   A couple families got together today following church service and gave Genna a little birthday party to celebrate her and to show her how much we love and appreciate her in our lives...

Genna is a dear girl.  From the time Sonya first started attending Waynedale Baptist Church Genna has been there for Sonya.  And Genna, being a little older, has elected to take Sonya under her wing.

So this post is dedicated to dear Genna!  It is obvious to all who meet her that the Lord loves her dearly, and He has His hand on her.  She belongs to Him.    

Genna is funny, quirky, pretty, brainy, kind, generous, happy, energetic, joyful, sweet and huggable!  Need i say more?! 

While looking at the following pictures from Genna's special little party, would you please take a moment to pray a special prayer for Genna and ask the Lord to guard, guide and protect Genna and keep her well always, and healthy and flourishing and thriving, in the Precious Name of Jesus! thank you!

Genna walking in with her mom, Cindy, behind her 

Genna LOVES turtles!  Compliments of Cherish

Thank you, everyone, for sharing in this VERY SPECIAL day with us!  "We love you, Genna!"

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  1. I remember Genna from VBS .She was a joy and I do believe she took a great liking to my granddaughter Kelsey ! I will keep Genna in prayer . How wonderful that she was given a birthday party at church with her friends ! Sonya and Genna are blessed to have one another ~ Thanks for sharing and the pictres are wonderful !