Friday, May 27, 2011

Blessings Abound

For a whole week prior to the parking lot sale I spent countless hours in our garage - sorting, folding, pricing, boxing,etc.  While out in the garage I had an occasion to meet a young couple who were in the neighborhood doing business.  When the young wife approached our house with a question, after I answered her, she turned to leave.  That is when I asked her a question in return, "Do you like garage sales?" 

What started out as a simple question lead to a lengthy exchange between this young couple and me regarding their problems with infertility and desire to adopt.  It turns out the man is part Chinese, so in essence God lead them to the right house to talk to the right person and opened up the right topic at the right time - just like he always does!

On another occasion, which really is the central theme of this post, a twelve year old neighbor girl was walking by our house.  Because I know this little girl, I called her over and showed her some of the items we would have at the sale, and then noticed in front of me a little purse with her initial on it and asked her if she would like to have it.  As her eyes got big, she nodded yes.  Then I spotted a pair of lavender, silky American Girl pajamas I thought might fit her.   I told her if she wanted to go home and try them on I would sell them to her for only $2.00 and that her two dollars would be used to help bring Sonya's little sister home.  She agreed to the conditions and left.

Perhaps only ten minutes later, she returned carrying the pajamas with a big smile across her face.  I was disappointed for her that she was returning the pajamas so couldn't for the life of me figure out the reason for such a smile.  Until she walked up, handed back the pajamas and then proceeded to say, "The pajamas didn't fit, but I've been saving money since Christmas and wasn't sure what to spend it on, and then the Lord told me I should give it to you." 

This twelve year old little girl then handed me a bill, and when I unfolded it, realized it was a fifty dollar bill!  Of course, anyone who knows me knows what happened next.  I burst out crying and trembling and I hugged her tight and thanked her several times.  Then I asked this little girl if she would retell the story to my husband, so we called him to the kitchen door leading into the garage, and as she recounted her story I burst out crying again!  I told both her and Randy that this is the best gift so far, and it's moved me more than any other.

I asked her before she left if she would like a gift from the garage.  I knew I had several things any twelve year old girl would love to have, but she politely and quickly responded, "No thanks.  I don't want anything.  I just came over to give you the money." 

And if you are wondering why I count this precious twelve year old girl's gift more special or more meaningful than any other, including the gift from Show Hope, it is because this little girl already knows she can speak with the Lord!  She could hear instruction from the Lord, and she chose to obey!  Do you know how many adults don't even know they can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and that they can walk with Him and talk with Him daily?  And to think that this young girl knows the Truth, experiences the Truth, this fact alone blesses me beyond mortal comprehension! 

Thank you, Jesus, for walking with and talking with this little girl!  Thank you for her desire to listen to You and obey!  Thank you for her generous, selfless spirit!  Thank you for sending her my way at a low point in my day when I was exhausted and exasberated and overwhelmed!   Thank you for renewing my Hope in the next generation!  Lord, I ask that you bless this child for her obedience, and give her the desires of her heart!  Bless her, Lord, and keep her safe and sound always, hiding Your word in her heart so that she will be protected from the snares of the enemy all the days of her life!!!  Amen and Amen!

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  1. Oh Cheryl what a beautiful story ,and precious and most definitely priceless ! I am so happy that the "chickens" were sent to Rescue Mission ,what a great place for them . We have more hungry and homeless here then many even know about.Good Luck with your sale on Friday and Saturday ! I will be taking care of Miz Gayles father Bro.Ginn on Friday,if it's not too extremly hot we will stop by . He bought a lot of dress pants and suit coats at the other one ! We both enjoy yard sales ,it gets him out and passes the time of day !Keep the faith as you already do and God will continue to light your path and bring your darling daughter home soon ! {{{hugs}}} and as for the crying ! girl I would have been a blubbering mess too that day ! Crying is good medicene and its the ol' devil just trying to rain on your blessings ! And indeed YOU were blessed even though not all the chickens sold ! God is good !!! ALL the time ~