Sunday, May 22, 2011

"My Neff Is Stick!

"My neff is stick!  Those were the exact words out of my husband's mouth this afternoon after unloading the entire uhaul into our garage!  I'm sure I can blame Randy's inability to articulate clear word structure on extreme fatigue.

Well, the tally is in, and we raised a little over $2,200.00 this time.  I will share more later once I've regained my own ability to put down in writing my thoughts-we are both very tired right now.

The chicken sales did not go well, and there is a silver lining to that story that I will share some other time.  I was pretty disappointed with the amount raised until God showed me this fund raiser was not about making money.  It was about receiving blessings of a different kind, which again, I will share later once Randy and I have had time to process it all.

We do realize in all of this that God has our back.  In less than four months from now He will help us gather
the needed $20,000.00, so we will not fret one little bit.  Thanks for your support and your prayers and your
kindness.  It truly means the world to us.  We thank God for you!

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  1. CONGRATS ! on the $2200.00 made at the Saturday sale . The chicken was yummy ... I was wondering if it all ended up cooked ? You might not have sold it all , but you will have plenty that can be frozen , and it did not go to waste ! Your family might have to get creative on chicken dishes. Maybe there is a cookbook out there called 1000 ways to make chicken dishes ! Maybe you can tell us who won the raffle prizes had some very nice prizes...the quilt for one was beautiful ! Keeping you and yours in prayers ~