Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Limited Editions

Part I - By Sharon Kuhn
Sonya’s eyes sparkled as she sat with her friend Hannah at the art table where she was selling “limited edition” prints of her pastel and acrylic paintings. Although the wind occasionally blew one off the table, and she was somewhat distracted by the David and Goliath gifts she had made to give free of charge along with free toys for children that she had collected, Sonya interacted very sweetly and grown-up-like as she was asked to sign her work. Her friend and helper, Mrs. Angie, was calling out announcements to inform buyers that the prints were being sold to help Sonya raise money to go to China to get her soon-to-be-adopted little sister.

Adults and children alike were oohing and ahhing over the beautiful prints Sonya displayed. Her painting of the cactus greenery in a terra cotta pot sold out first. Second best seller was a floral of lavender flowers in a bright white and blue bowl with a lime background. Being thirsty from so much work, Sonya visited the drink table. Before long, little Hannah came to her to say that she needed to come back to the art table because some people were asking for her signature!  She excused herself very sweetly and went to sign.

As she made her mark on the day, it seemed that many blessings were on the way! It is precious to think of people hanging these innocent pictures in their homes. It was awesome to over hear conversations about where buyers would hang their paintings such as, "This will look beautiful in the bathroom"...  It is priceless how our community brought affirmation, laughter, funds and a day that was pretty as a picture to the precious Hoium family!

Sonya raised over $200.00 to help her travel to China to bring baby sister back safe and sound! Perhaps someday Sonya will paint a picture of this sunny day fund raiser for bringing Mei Mei home!

Part II - By Cheryl Hoium

Many months ago as Randy and I began our initial deliberations on how we would manage gathering the necessary resources to make this adoption happen, Sonya overheard a conversation between the two of us concerning whether or not there would be enough money to take her along with us to China to bring back her little sister.

It didn't take Sonya long to devise a plan to make sure she would not be left behind.  Her initial idea came in the way of making "David and Goliath" gifts which I believe she learned about in her Sunday school class.  Basically she folded up construction paper in a precise fashion so that a little rock would fit inside nicely and snuggly.  The rock was supposed to remind the recipients about the story of David and Goliath, and how, even though David was very little and Goliath was very big, with God's help David defeated Goliath.  So...her plan was to sell these creations and teach people about the victory through Jesus Christ at the same time.  The only problem was that she wanted to sell them for $10.00 a piece!

When Randy and I decided one of our fund raisers would be a parking lot sale, I was then able to convince Sonya perhaps she could sell her art work instead and give the David and Goliath creations as gifts.  She readily agreed as she continued the process of fashioning these little treasures.  Although Sonya handed out quite a few the day of the fund raiser, she still has quite a few left.  As we plan on having a garage sale/month at our home to continue raising adoption monies, Sonya will be given several more opportunities to give away her handiwork.

Sonya did raise over $200.00 at the sale, although I am not quite certain of the exact amount because people were putting money in her donation jar as well as handing it to Angie and Sharon.  In Sonya's donation jar alone was 195 dollars and some odd cents!

When I shared with Sonya about her earnings, she readily informed me she would like a portion of it to go toward her own airline ticket and a portion to go toward sissy's.  Apparently, Sonya wants to make sure she plays an integral part in getting her little sister home.

It turns out it will take roughly $500.00 to pay for Sonya's entire trip if we travel in September.  This sum includes her airline ticket, hotel portion and food.  I jokingly told Sonya recently I wish we could just send her to get Mei Mei as this would drastically reduce our adoption fees.  But...Sonya's not going for it!

Sonya will continue to sell her art work and hand out her David and Goliath gifts at our yard sale to be held on Friday and Saturday, the 3rd and 4th of June at our home.  Incidentally, Sonya attends a professional art studio through Garden of Arts, a Christian art studio owned and operated by Sharon Kuhn who adheres to a biblical worldview.  Sonya loves Miss Sharon, and I am looking forward to next Fall when Sonya will not only have an opportunity to continue her education through Garden of Arts and receive love from Miss Sharon, but little Cassie Mei will be joining her and get an opportunity first-hand to receive some loving too!  Praise the Lord!  Thank you, Jesus! 

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