Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Letter from Sharon Kuhn to Her Friends and Family

Our dear friend Sharon Kuhn wrote a letter to her friends and family on our behalf asking for them to support us in getting our second China-born daughter home to the States safe and sound.  With a few minor edits, here it is:

Dear Friends and Family,
The Hoiums are disappointed in the amount of money raised but holding the pricelessness of the fellowship of community involvement in their hearts. God is using all to create belonging, ministry and joy! Upon taking over 200 unsold chickens to the Rescue Mission, Sonya commented, "We need to come back again and bring them more food!"

Please help them if you feel led. Please pray for God to meet their needs and allow them to not only bring  Mei home but also allow them to take her back with Sonya to the Rescue Mission someday as Sonya mentioned in order to feed those poor men! Sonya also speaks of being a Missionary to China so “out of the mouths of babes” may we all be inspired!  I pray that Sonya will not be dumbed down in American culture before she grows old enough to do so! I am certain Randy and Cheryl are doing all they can to prevent that!

So, lessons are learned that are bigger than life! God is good! Please visit their website, and thank you so much for the donations you will send!!!!!

Blessings to you and yours!

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