Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1906 Oscar Schmidt Harp

This vintage autoharp(?) was donated by a friend to help us raise money for our adoption.  Any takers?  I have no idea what kind of price to put on it, but if you collect vintage guitars/autoharps or know of someone who does, i am sure you or your friend will be able to name a fair price.  Email me tonight if you would like to take a look at it.   Of course, it almost goes without saying one hundred percent of the proceeds will go toward the ransom of Mei Mei.
Thanks for your interest!

I apologize.  I originally called it a mandolin, not knowing anything about musical instruments really, so just going by what I was told.  Once I started researching the value of this musical instrument, however, I recognized that what we have here cannot be a mandolin guitar.  So sorry about that!

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  1. Did you google it to check its value? You may want to contact the music department at your local college. Ebay maybe? We had a yard sale and the girls sold lemonade last week-end raising $200.00! I am sure that your baby knows Mama and Baba are on their way! We STILL have not gotten our income refund back yet!!!When we call they say, "We will look at it next week" It is almaost August!!! The IRS keep sending the same letter asking for our daughter's form, we adopted from China April 2010, the form that we filled out for her SS card. We have given it to them plus her SS card 4 times now... It is THEIR FORM that we keep sending them. This is so upsetting because we are paying for our next adoption with the refund! Have you heard anyone else having a hard time getting an adoption credit? Thanks-Joy