Monday, July 25, 2011

Updates About Sonya Yi and Cassie Mei

Hello everyone!  I wanted to take a moment to update you on Sonya's travel earnings to date.  You may recall we had a goal of $500.00 to meet in order that Sonya would be in a position to pay her own way to China.  So far, Sonya has earned $381.00 in selling her art work alone, leaving her only $119.00 shy of her goal.  Sonya has a dental appointment tomorrow, and her dentist has asked to see her work, so I know Sonya's hoping he will be interested in purchasing something.  We'll just have to see how much closer she will be to her goal after she pays him a visit!  I will let you know. 

Tonight, Sonya said, "Mom, how else do you think I can make money for my trip?  I know!  I can have a lemonade stand!"  To which I replied, "No problem, Sonya.  I think we can manage that." 

We'll keep you updated about that lemonade stand.  Maybe you can drop by for a lemonade or two...or three...and make Sonya's day!  I remember the first time Sonya sold her art work at our May parking lot sale fund raiser.  Early that Saturday morning Sonya was outright giddy with anticipation, excitedly imagining who might be her first buyer.  That would be Gary White from our church at Waynedale Baptist.  Thank you, Gary, btw, for caring.

So...which one of you will be Sonya's very first customer at her next fund raiser?  This time, i will be waiting with a camera!

On another happy note, I had emailed Selina yesterday in China to see if Johanna would be able to indicate whether or not the children in the orphanage might be able to figure out that "something's up" when they are singled out for pictures like our little Mei Mei was the other day.

Kindly, Selina responded.  Here is what she shared: 
Cheryl, I'm pretty sure your sweet girl knows she has a family. I think I overheard them telling her to smile for her new mama and baba. Can't say 100% though. I didn't ask them to tell her, so you're safe as far as your agency goes :) But for your Momma's heart, I think she knows :)

Okay, for those of you who know me, after reading what Selina wrote to me can you guess what happened next?  Someone?  Anyone?  Yes, that is correct.  I cried.  I bawled actually.  And then i called Randy to share the good, good news.  And in this news my heart has been relieved.  Thank you, Father, for the seemingly little things that really aren't all that little but profoundly significant for those they happen to."

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  1. I don't know when they tell the children they have a family. There were less than three months from referral to travel for us, so I don't think Haleigh knew for very long before we came. Your little one had such a sweet smile on her face which I never saw in the pictures of her with Haleigh, so I think she probably knows!