Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Just wanted to update you with you the good news of the Bergey family "Gotcha" Day! Their daughter, Johanna, who is turning fourteen this week, adopted in the nick of time! God is never early, and He is never late. He is always RIGHT ON TIME.

As you read Selina's post, please take special note that Selina will be visiting Johanna's (and Mei Mei's) orphanage on Friday China time which is Thursday our time. I'm not sure of the exact time, but when i find out, you'll be the first to know, well...after I tell Randy.

Selina will have an opportunity i pray to see our daughter and to take pics of our little darling, and if LOA doesn't come by then, I am going to ask Selina to leave Cassandra's package from her forever family with her nannies. Even without LOA, someday i can sit Cassie Mei down and show her the pictures that were taken of her at her momma's urging, and hopefully she will find comfort in knowing from the time I looked at her innocent little face back on December 6th of 2010, she has never been far from my thoughts and always on my heart.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers. I've been feeling them because my mind is more and more at peace with how things are unfolding in the adoption. Have any of you figured out yet that I have zero patience? NONE, nada, not on my own, that is.

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