Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's Happening in Sonya's World

You may recall me mentioning something about Sonya visiting her dentist on Tuesday to get some work done on her teeth.  Remember the dentist had specifically asked us to bring Sonya's art work with us when we came back to see him.  So I did.  Something worth mentioning is that Sonya is the first patient from our family to visit this particular dentist.  In other words, until two weeks ago, we did not know this man.  This latter point may prove of interest later on in my narrative.

Initially, this dentist selected the Flowers in a Basket print to have framed as a gift to his mother who just so happens herself to be an artist.  Mr. Dentist handed me a twenty dollar bill for it, and asked me to keep the change.  Then two hygienists selected one print each of the smaller prints which, all total, brought Sonya $24.00 closer to her $500.00 goal.   I couldn't help but inform Sonya as she was being prepped for a filling that she was now only $95.00 shy of her goal amount, and that I thought she could easily make that at her lemonade stand up-coming.  

Briefly following this little exchange between mother and daughter, Mr Dentist told Sonya as he was working on her teeth that he would like to speak with her afterwards.  He told Sonya he would send the hygienist out first and that he would then like to talk with her. Sonya nodded. 

So, once everything was wrapped up and the hygienist was dismissed, Mr. Dentist exited the room briefly and when he returned he closed the door behind him so as to have a private word with Sonya and me.  What he shared with Sonya was this. Sonya, my heart is touched by your story.  So...I still want you to do your lemonade stand, but I want you to give the money to your church because I am going to give you the rest of the money that you need because I really want you to be able to go to China and get your sister.  And with that, he handed Sonya a one hundred dollar bill!  He then added, And Sonya, when you pray, will you pray for me because I really need it?  To which Sonya thanked him and agreed.  And what did I do?  I cried, hugged her dentist and thanked him profusely.  

Allow me to digress.  A point worth conveying to you right now, dear reader, is this:  Early Tuesday morning, as I was saying my morning prayers, I found myself face down on the carpet imploring the Lord to do something out of the ordinary that day for me, something completely unexpected yet related entirely to the adoption, to show this mother's heart that not only does He have His hand on the adoption but that He has His hand on the timeline...   

Now fast forward to Sonya and me walking out of the dentist's office that Tuesday afternoon following her appointment, immediately calling Randy on his cell to share the good news.  As we climbed into the car to head home, it suddenly dawned on me that what had just taken place inside that office building was out of the ordinary and something completely unexpected yet related entirely to the adoption!  It dawned on me that God showed this mom that His hand is all the way in it, and further more, He and He alone is directing the timeline of our journey to our Mei Mei.  Thank you, Father, for hearing and answering my desperate cry! 

As Sonya and I ran errands later that day, she reflected on what had happened in order that she was enabled to reach her goal, and commented about her dentist, I am proud of him. 

Now that Sonya has the money she needs to pay her own way to China, she has now decided  to raise money for her sister's airline ticket.  Once we set up the date for the lemonade stand, the first $100.00 raised from selling lemonade will be given by Sonya to our church, most likely for missions (because that's Sonya's heart).  

Sonya will also be selling more of her prized art work as well as running a simple silent auction, the items selected for this most likely geared more towards children and a little more affordable.  In any event, as soon as we iron out all the details, we'll be sure to let you know and as always request that you spread the word on our Mei Mei's behalf and on our Sonya Yi's behalf.

One more thing, not long ago, Sonya was entertaining the idea of meeting her sister for the very first time and how it would be.  With her face all aglow, I asked Sonya what will be the first thing she will want to do when she meets her little sister.  Without hesitation, exclaiming with a sheer, unbridled joy, I am going to hug her!  

Friends, for those of you who haven't gotten a chance to know Sonya, she is very particular about who she will hug.  Except for her father and me, if she is very fond of you, you will most likely get a "side" hug but not a hug from the front.  For Sonya to say the very first thing she wants to do when she meets her baby sister is to hug her baby sister, well... let's just say her words are profoundly significant to this mother, and music to my ears.  And if Mei Mei should receive a hug from any one other than her big sister that day (meaning of course, Randy or me), I believe more than likely the hug from her big sister will be the most readily absorbed. 

Please stay-tuned for further fund raising details on behalf of Mei Mei's plane ticket, sponsored by her big sister, Sonya!


  1. Thanking God for his blessing to you and your family!

  2. Cheryl, I am sitting here in tears, what an amazing (and not to subtle) way for God to give you the message that He is in Control! Love it! And truly your daughter's artist gifting is amazing, how did you discover it?

    Z group

  3. Wow! I love hearing these stories of how God provides! It is amazing to see who He will move to help to bring these little ones home to their families! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story!

  4. I needed to hear this story. What a reminder that He is always in control of things and that He hears us! You asked for my e-mail address it is Blessings-Joy