Tuesday, July 12, 2011

THE BERGEY BUNCH: Prayers Requests and Praises

The following is the story of a very special family intent on going about the Father's business in their daily lives, even if His business involves traveling on two separate occasions between now and this Fall to the other side of the world to care for the orphan, two orphans as a matter of fact.  Two very special little girls, the oldest who will age-out next week and who Selina will be bringing home to America very soon.  And who just happens (not! so not!) to live at the very same orphanage as our sweet little Mei Mei.  As you read their incredible story, Selina (who will be traveling alone to China on Sunday except with a toddler in tow!) mentions another mom who has asked to post the Bergey story on their family's adoption blog.  That mom would be me, friends! 

Not only am I asking for intercessory prayer on behalf of this family, for Selina in her travels and for her husband who has committed to staying behind to care for the rest of their children, I am also asking for prayer that LOA (letter of approval) arrives soon so that while Selina is visiting at her daughter's and our daughter's orphanage, Selina will have permission to give our sweet baby girl a gift from us along with a letter written in Mandarin for her caretakers to read to her and pictures of her soon-to-be forever family. 

As a mother, I want so badly for my second China-born daughter to finally know what it feels like when a family who visits her orphanage takes pictures of her, it is for the purpose of sharing them with her forever family who just can't wait to meet her in person and hold her and love her forever!

So...enjoy their story. If you are anything like me, you will cry and cry with tears of JOY when you read this mother's heartfelt words!  And, please, don't forget to pray for them and for us.
THE BERGEY BUNCH: Prayers Requests and Praises

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