Wednesday, November 2, 2011

As We Approach Our Final Leg of the Journey to Cassandra...

Hello!  As you might recall, Sonya is all about raising her own money to pay her sister's way home from China.  She wants to be a part of it, ALL of it.  She loves her baby sister so!  Now, how can a mother say no to that?! 

So without further delay, here is Sonya's art work she is selling for the cause of Zhong Feng Mei.  The originals are in acrylics or pastels, but we are selling prints only copied on quality photo paper.  Please enjoy, and if you feel so inclined, email me at with your order, and I will be sure to put your prints in the mail for you the very same week.  All proceeds will go directly toward Feng Mei's airline ticket.  Sonya has raised $440.00 thus far, so she only has $560.00 to go!  YAY!!!!
"Flowers in a Basket" $7.00 minimum donation

"Flowers in a Vase" $5.00 minimum donation

"Basket Full of Apples" $5.00 minimum donation

"Cactus in a Pot" $5.00 minimum donation

"Water Lilies" $5.00 minimum donation

"Happy Flowers in a Bowl" $5.00 minimum donation

"The Beach" $5.00 minimum donation

"Still Waters" $5.00 minimum donation

"Cattails" $7.00 minimum donation

Our second fundraiser involves a matching grant from God's Grace Adoption Ministry.  GGAM is willing to match us dollar for dollar up to $2,500.00!  On our side-bar, we have a thermometer showing the amount of donations sent in so far to GGAM on behalf of the Hoium family adoption.  All donations are tax-deductible.  

If you feel so inspired, please send your tax deductible donation to:

 God's Grace Adoption Ministry
 P.O Box 4
 Modesto, California

When sending in your check made out to GGAM make sure to write in the memo a reference to the Hoium family adoption.

If you have any questions for GGAM, you can email them at

Now, here's the crazy, beautiful, awe-inspiring part of our story which, btw, only began on December 5, 2010.  God raised for the cause of beautiful Feng Mei over $32,000.00 initially.  Due to delayed travel and increases in our adoption agency and China fees, we have $5,000.00 to go.  If we match this grant dollar for dollar, our adoption expenses will be met.  So whether you feel inspired to purchase some of Sonya's art work to off-set her little sister's airline ticket or you support the matching grant, God is going to cover it one way or another, and not a dime too much or too little.  I BELIEVE this!

Please help us bring our littlest home!  And please pray for December travel. 

Thank you as always!  i know many reading this may not feel you can support us financially, and that's okay.  Perhaps money is tight or you feel lead to support another adoption.  In any event, we truly covet your continued prayers in the matter of bringing our Cassie Mei home safely and soundly for keeps!  Love, Cheryl

The following picture was taken over the summer with Cassie Mei seated to the far left.   

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  1. Cheryl, I'm praying for your December Travel!!! I'll be thinking of you in China.