Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Much to Catch Up On!

Before i tell you all about it, I want to share with you what's happening for Sonya.  A very sweet and incredible woman by the name of Kelly Raudenbush is showcasing news of Sonya's work and heart on her blog this weekend, not only to help Sonya raise money for her little sister's airline ticket, but to give her readership an opportunity to spend their hard-earned money wisely and purposefully this holiday season.  So please, stop on over to Kelly's blog at and check out all of the families she is showcasing this holiday season, and check out what she has to say about Sonya while you're at it.  

And just as a reminder to you all, we are still busily selling Sonya's art work.  If you want to take a peak and perhaps even purchase a print or  two, take a look and then email me at with your order along with your name and address so i can get your prints to you in the mail without delay.  Simply scroll down the side bar until you come to Sonya's beautiful work.  As i've said before, you're gonna LOVE it hanging in your home, and more importantly I think you can feel good about what is motivating her to sell it.  Simply put, my Sonya wants to play an integral part in bringing her little sister home.  

Okay, now on to the story i promised you.  It's a story of the incredible unfolding and working out of God's intimate detail within the very core of a Plan He breathed life into out of His infinite GRACE and MERCY.  He is willing and able to extend to His children whom he loves and whom He delights miracles beyond our human frailty and narrow comprehension of the fullness of His TRUTH.  We get but a glimpse of it, friends, and when we do, it knocks us off our feet and down on our knees, trembling and crying and thanking Him for His goodness and His deep love which we are sure we do not deserve.  Who but God would ever do this for us?!  

As you might know, Randy and I believe God is still in the miracle-working, mountain-moving business.  We believe with every fiber in our being that God plans on healing our baby fully, and He has already begun the process as evidenced within the supernatural occurrence in a heavenly realm just beyond our mortal reasoning which took place at Waynedale Baptist Church back on Sunday, August 14, 2011 when God's Holy Angels swooped down and carried on their wings our Church prayer directly to the Throne Room of God Almighty, and within less than a split second the Holy Spirit visited our daughter just where she sat at the orphanage in China and He touched her on her heart.  And this mama knows it's true, because this mama felt it and saw it. 

Truthfully, it took me a few days to even grasp what had happened that night let alone put words to it.  And still, even when i try to wrap mortal words around what took place that night within the Body of Believers who prayed in Faith for the complete healing of a precious little girl whom we've never even met, my words cannot touch the beauty or substance of God's astounding works! 

Even with our belief in our Father and in His ultimate plan for this little girl, my little girl, Sonya's little sister, Randy's beautiful baby daughter, when i saw her blue lips in the pictures which had just been taken last week by a dear mother visiting Cassie's orphanage, my heart in all honesty sunk.  That next morning, that would be Friday morning,  I emailed the adoption agency to see if we could expedite Cassie's adoption because at that point all I could think about was getting her in to see a specialist.  It wasn't until Monday when i heard back from the agency.  Suffice it to say, the weekend was difficult as it gave the adversary time to plant seeds of doubt within me that I ever heard God correctly to begin with. 

By Monday morning, i emailed the agency again and this time asked them if I could get a letter from a pediatric cardioligist confirming Cassie's need to get home soon, might this help to expedite her adoption?  I have been aware that as we approach the U.S. holidays and Chinese New Year it was becoming increasingly possible that we would not be given travel permission until the beginning of January, 2012.   I did hear back from the agency on Monday afternoon, and it was agreed upon that if i could have my doctor draft a letter stating the need to expedite the adoption, it would then be immediately sent on to the CCWAA through Hand in Hand's contacts in China.    

At that point, there was only one problem - we didn't have a doctor for Cassie yet.  We've never even shown her medical records to a specialist ever.  I had planned on waiting for TA before contacting a doctor but really had no clue where to even start.  I knew there was one pediatric cardioligist in Fort Wayne and wondered if i were to call him would he be open to viewing Cassie's records for free and then fashion a letter on her behalf to get her home quickly?  I called and left a message, but really i couldn't just sit around and wait for that phone to ring.  I had to do something.  I called a friend who has had experience with some heart doctors to get her advice.  I remembered she dealt with some doctors in Indianapolis recently.  Now, normally, this friend seems prone to have her address book at her fingertips, but such was not the case that day.  At best, she could throw out a couple of names, but that was about the extent of it.  Later, i would recognize God did not want her to have an answer for me.

Still waiting to hear back from the Fort Wayne doc, I called a doctor's office here in Fort Wayne who specializes in child and infant care and asked if they had any suggestions for a pediatric cardioligist. The nice woman who answered the phone gave me the number to the doc I had already left a message for, so i inquired if she knew of any doctors in Indianapolis.  She did give me a phone number, but when i called it, it was no longer in service.  So I wasted no time in hitting the internet in search of a doctor who would be willing to look at Cassie's records A.S.A.P.  By this time, it was well passed two in the afternoon, and I was feeling the pressure. 

As some of you may know, I belong to a yahoo group for the families who have or are adopting from the Zhongshan Children's Welfare Institute in Zhongshan City, China.  Rather than recount everything from here on out twice I will share with you what I told them:

I have great news everyone! Because of Feng Mei's blue lips, i got in contact with a doctor who is going to write a letter asking that the CCWAA expedite our adoption so that she can receive further treatment in America as in right now. So the good news is he says her prognosis, judging by her records and how healthy she looks, despite the blue lips, is very positive.

He and his wife have adopted twice from China, and his wife just landed in Beijing. She is going to be there for a month training doctors. He also said he will give me the contact information of a couple of cardiologists in Guangzhou in case we need to call about any concerns for Cassie, but he feels we will not have any problems.

The other good news is that he is a man of faith, and I told him that the Lord plans on healing Feng Mei whether through an all-out miracle or through a surgeon's hands. He was in total agreement, and he told me about five times how beautiful Cassie is so of course, i love this guy!

The last part that is so amazing was that my faith in myself was waivering today. I didn't lose faith in God, but i lost faith in my ability to hear God correctly. The devil had me by the throat it felt like.

I called Randy, and he said a most beautiful prayer, and he told the Lord he has complete faith and it is the only thing that makes sense to him. We talked later, and I asked him how was his faith, this is before the doctor called, and he said he was feeling completely at peace with everything and he knew it was all going to work out and that Cassie is going to be completely well...

So PTL for husbands and doctors who believe in the miracle-working power of our Lord Jesus Christ even when us ladies, I'm speaking for myself here, are getting our behinds kicked in by the adversary!
Thanks for listening and for rejoicing with me! We will have the letter tomorrow and then as soon as I email it to the adoption agency they will email it to the CCWAA. Now let's see what God has in store. Cheryl

Later i shared with the Z group:
I told Randy tonight the highlight of my day is when he stood in faith unwaiveringly, never doubting for a minute that God intends on healing our baby. And yes, that God is working even when I'm in a funk.... Only God could have arranged it for me to call a practice and get a doctor on the line who was not only willing to look at Cassie's records for free but who has adopted twice from the same country and who has such a positive outlook on her condition and who has faith and gives credit to God for healing and doesn't take it for himself and who just happens to have connections for us in Guangzhou of doctors who would be willing to help if we had trouble, which I had just been praying to God about all this past week to find us a doctor in Guangzhou because I didn't have a clue about where to start... I could go on, but you get the picture. Only God. Love, Cheryl

Once I knew the letter was emailed to China I called various friends to share the good news and to ask for prayer.  I also shared my initial consternation at not thinking of involving a doctor in this sooner in order to get Feng Mei home sooner, but the truth of the matter is, I wasn't ready before now to call a doctor and be willing to hear what he had to say about Feng Mei's condition.   Until that point, until I saw her blue lips, I wasn't willing and I wasn't able.  And the reason the devil had a shot at me the day i was waiting to hear back from this wonderful doctor in Indianapolis was because I feared a doctor would tell me she was inoperable.  I cried hysterically before I thought to call Randy that day and ask him to pray for me, and it was he who believed.   It was Rrandy who had the faith.  It was Randy who walked in the faith that day, not me. 

And soon following, the first thing that doctor said to me when he got me on the phone after five o:clock early evening Monday, "She really looks healthy.  She's beautiful." 

Whew! What relief!  What JOY!  And yes, even in my funk, even in my desperation, God was still behind the scenes working out His Plan.

I hope this Z mama won't mind if i share something she wrote today involving this whole situation and the resultant speeding up of getting Feng Mei home because of it.  I think what she has to say sums it up quite succinctly:   

CHERYL.... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, but that's not true... I DO BELIEVE it! It is so evident that God planned it was time for Cassie to be home and for you to be the one fighting for your babe! Such a blessing that HE gave you the glimpse you needed to turn up the fire and speed it on! What an amazing testimony of His moving mountains all of a sudden....Thank you.

Thank you all, once again, for allowing me to share with you my heart unobscured.  As one of my nieces used to love saying while growing up, "You're the best!"  

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