Monday, November 28, 2011

Updates on Beautiful Feng Mei (aka Cassandra Mei)!

Well, the orphange was kind enough to send updated photos and measurements of Feng Mei.  YAY!  And our TA did arrive at the adoption agency today, so at least we now can request a CA (consulate appointment) and our agency is shooting for Friday, December 9th because the CAs which would cause us to leave on December 2nd are all taken.   I am praying for no later than December 9th because that would probably put us at getting home Christmas Eve, but at least the girls would be home for Christmas to open their gift and stocking.

Yes, you heard me right - one gift each.  Sonya has always received one gift from us at Christmas and a stocking to go with it, and I bet you ten dollars she can tell you exactly what she got every year for the past three at least.  And when she opens her gift, she is always very grateful.   Sonya still rides her red scooter around the house that we gave her last Christmas!

We tell Sonya that the one gift represents the gift freely given by Jesus Christ when He came to earth, born of a virgin, destined to die on the cross at Calvary for our sins, and through His atoning blood alone shed for us alone, we can experience eternal salvation.  Randy and I are now looking forward to sharing this simple yet meaningful tradition with our second child and baby girl.

You see, in my cleaning business, I've seen so many children through the years go from wanting very little in the way of material possessions, rather desiring the simple love and time spent with family, only to grow into constant consumers wanting more and more, seeking new and better ways to have "fun" and fit in, never being satsified with what they've been given.  Time and time again, I've seen these same children grow into teenagers who feel it their rightful place to berate their parents for not measuring up to so and so's parents when it comes to gift-giving at Christmas time or any other time of the year for that matter. 

You know, if you've ever spent any time with me, you'll see I'm not perfect and I have my many flaws.  But hopefully, in this area, Randy and I are doing things right by keeping our children from seeking after the ways of the world when it comes to having everything the world says is important to have in order to be truly happy.     

So with no further delay, here are the three pictures we just received this morning of Cassie!

According to their measurements, Cassie is 44.9 inches tall; Sonya is 46.5 inches tall.  Cassie weighs 44 pounds; Sonya weighs about that much.  And Cassie's feet measure 6.7 inches; Sonya's are 7 inches. That means perhaps Cassie wears a size 10 shoe, while Sonya wears a size 11.  If these measurements are accurate, Cassie is the size we imagined her to be.  Oh, how I cannot wait to wrap my arms around that little girl and find out for myself! 

Oh and how could I forget?  This is what the Z orphanage had to say about our little girl!
 "She is very smart. She talks well. She gets along well with other kids."


  1. Cheryl, I am so happy for you! Cassie is just beautiful and I love the updated photos! I'm car shopping today, and I found out that I was LID on 11/11/11!

    I cannot wait to follow your journey to China! Love you my friend!

  2. She is just darling! I am praying and praying you get a CA appt. quickly!

  3. Love the new pictures of Cassie!