Thursday, November 17, 2011

TA TA TA TA TA!!!!!!!!

It's looking like we'll be flying out December 2nd which means we will be home with both our daughters for Christmas!!!  "Thank you, Lord, for prayers answered!"

I promise, I will share more later. But for now I need to start getting organized for travel.  I've been packing our carry-ons, but it's now FINALLY time to pull our BIG suitcase out of the closet!  "Thank you, Jesus!"


  1. What an awesome Christmas gift for your family !God has truly been working to get your beautiful China doll home .This made me tear up with happiness for all of you and knowing it is an answer to many many prayers.I can't begin to imagine the joy that your feeling. Many prayers will accompany you all to and from China .God bless {{{hugs}}}

  2. I am so excited for you!!!! I was praying that Cassie would be home for Christmas, so thank you, God, for answered prayer!!!!

  3. Cheryl, I am so happy for you! I know you are excited!

  4. I came across your blog last week and I was surprised to see you were from Fort Wayne! I was even more surprised that you're adopting through HIH. We also live in Fort Wayne and adopted a 10 month old little girl from China through HIH in March. If you ever want to connect my email is:
    Congratulations on TA!!!!