Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update on Cassie's Condition

As of Tuesday our time and Wednesday China time, a letter was or will be either emailed or hand-delivered to the CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs) by a representative of Hand in Hand International Adoption Agency.  This letter is written by a pediatric cardioligist on behalf of our daughter, Cassandra Mei, dated November 15, 2011 recommending that Cassie's adoption be expedited:

RE: Adoption of Zhong Feng Mei by Hoium Family

To whom it my concern,

Mr. and Mrs. Hoium of Ft Wayne, Indiana are in the process of adopting Zhong Feng Mei (DOB September 24, 2004) who is currently residing in the Children’s Welfare Institute of Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China.

I have personally reviewed Zhong Feng Mei’s medical records. Feng Mei was born with complex congenital heart disease. This heart disease is still present and appears to cause cyanosis (lower than normal oxygen saturation). In addition Feng Mei seems to have occasional episodes of fast heart rhythm.

It is my medical expert opinion that Feng Mei would greatly benefit from evaluation and treatment of her heart disease in the United States as soon as possible. Due to the seriousness of her condition I would kindly ask to expedite the adoption.

As Cassandra's mother, this is very good news indeed.  Additionally, I would like to add that this particular doctor also considers Cassandra's condition very treatable, and he commented several times on how healthy she looks in her pictures in spite of her blue lips! 

There is a story behind this "chance" encounter with this particular doctor where once again God showed up in the minutest of details. I will need to share with you at a later date as it is way passed my bedtime, and I must get some sleep, but I will share soon.  

Please continue to pray for Cassandra.  Pray we will be traveling well before the end of 2011 to bring her home so that as her parents, Randy and I  can obtain the medical intervention she needs.  And always remember God is in this.  He is up to His neck in this, and He is going to see us through to the very end.  Thank you again for your continued prayers and support. 

Also, Sonya has raised another $115.00 towards her little sister's airline ticket home!  YAY!  She is needing another $450.00 to reach her $1,000.00 goal.  Thank you to all who have thus far contributed to this endeavor.  And might i mention that as Sonya's mother, you will love her art work.  You will love it in your home, and probably more importantly you will love the story behind why she is selling it. So don't forget to visit our side bar and scroll down until you come to Sonya's prized art collection, prints for sale. 

BTW, name one thing these two sisters have in common.  I will give you one guess....


  1. You have a couple of climber on your hands! So cute that they are already alike in this way!

    Praying that you get the approval to move ahead without delay!

  2. Praying that things move quickly for you! May she soon be in your arms! And then let the climbing begin!

  3. Cheryl,
    this is so awesome! Praying with you that Cassi gets to come home SOON! You should have a lively household!:)

  4. Continued prayers ,and YES our God is still at work ! I see gymnastics in your daughter's futures ... Thank you for the update {{{hugs}}} soon and very soon your sweet and beautiful Cassi will be snuggeled tenderly in your arms ~

  5. That is so funny....I have two children who do this too.

  6. I have a similar picture of my daughter climbing our walls. I prayed for a strong girl, and I got She-Ra! Maybe it's a Chinese thing (lol).