Monday, December 12, 2011

Gotcha Day!

I sure wish I had pictures to share. Not only did I not get a chance to look for a usb cord because Sonya's been sick all day, but after the video was taken, my camera broke so i was not able to take any pictures at the government building after that. But fortunately our guide got some good pictures, and I will get them from her soon.
Unfortunately for Sonya she could not enjoy meeting her sister because she was slumped over on the couch the whole time. Earlier today she threw up and felt better once she did, but then went limp as a noodle. Feng Mei, as soon as she learned her jie jie was ill, tried to comfort her.
I am not being partial when I say Feng Mei is an exceptional child. She took to Randy and me right away, especially her baba. The first chance she got, she flung her arms around his neck and did not let go for a long time.
As a matter of fact, I left with her to get dinner with another family and on the walk there (since Sonya is asleep in bed), she started crying when an airplane went overhead, and she was saying, "Baba, Feng Mei" and then she was going on and on about the airplane and she would say, "Want to go to baba." Then she would point at the airplane and start to cry. I realized Feng Mei thought her baba was on the airplane and left without her. She was heartbroken. So I brought her back to the hotel and now Randy is down with her at the hotel restaurant to get her something to eat.
Btw, I can't be sure since Sonya did not stand next to her sister once, that Feng Mei is taller than Sonya and she definitely weighs more. In our case, the numbers they quoted for her height and weight were low not high as is typical.
Even though I am sad for Sonya that she missed out on the moment, it at least has given Randy and me time to bond on our own with her. But something like this makes it hard to be away from home. Since Sonya is not feeling well, I want her to be safe in her own bed.
Well, all the rest was written a couple of hours ago as I was typing before Randy came back to the room with Feng Mei. I will say that Feng Mei is a very polite, grateful child, and everything I show her, such as hair bows or pick up sticks etc, she adds, "Woooo" with the short o sound. I think that must mean "Wow" as she says it with such wonderment.
Well, got to get to bed now. We are adopting Feng Mei in the morning so we all need to get up early. Please pray that Sonya wakes up feeling well and back to her old self.


  1. So happy to know that she is with her FAMILY!!! You have been in my thoughts and prayers today!

  2. Praying that Sonya is feeling better! It's so good to know that Cassie is finally with her family!

  3. This is such a wonderful post to read Cheryl!! I love to hear that Feng Mei has taken so comfortable to you both and even Baba so lovingly!!! I just can't wait to hear more! I am so sorry that Sonya is feeling so ill and I will pray that today is a better day for her so that she can bond with her mei mei! My sweet Katie Grace says the waaaa too for wow!! :)

  4. I wasso excited to see you had posted today ! Awww and poor Sonya being so ill has got to have put stress on you all.Ohh and such a Lil sweetheart your Cassie is ...trying to comfort her sick jie jie . Praying Sonya feels much better tomorrow for the BIG adoption day affairs. How blessed you 4 are ! Anxiously awaiting photos and am sorry your camera stopped working :( Sending get well wishes and prayers for all .....

  5. Wonderful to see the update! I was thinking what an extraordinary experience this must be for Feng Mei and I'm so glad she is feeling so comfortable with you! Chicken soup to Sonya - hope she is better tomorrow!

  6. Congratulations! We are so happy for you guys! Sorry we missed most of this - we were in China ourselves when you got A5 and TA. God bless you for fathering the fatherless. We are already planning our next adoption!!