Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update and Some Pics FINALLY!

Well, the past two days have been shall we say, "interesting". Starting yesterday morning, Feng Mei decided that even though she likes to keep track of her baba and doesn't want him straying too far away, she does not want him to hold her or sometimes even talk to her. Which means I have been exclusively on duty with both children ever since because once Sonya saw where all this was heading with Feng Mei, she wasn't about to just let Feng Mei have me all to herself. Sonya loves her little sister, and she is very sweet to her, but her possessiveness of her mommy has come out full tilt. Today in fact we were at the police station to do more adoption paperwork, and because I hadn't picked Feng Mei up as I was there for official business and distracted she sat down in the middle of the police station and hung her head. So I picked her up and when I did that Sonya had quite the meltdown, and I will just leave the rest to your imagination.
As I am recounting the events to you right now it doesn't seem or sound so bad, but let me assure you the last couple of days have been rough, so we would appreciate your prayers as Randy and I have been praying spiritual warfare since last night. Satan doesn't want these girls to feel secure in our love. He doesn't want for there to be harmony in our family right now, but God is bigger than all of that, and He will have His will and His way in this family as Randy and I remember that neither of us will ever be able to heal the wounds caused by being orphaned as new born babies, but Jesus can and Jesus will and Jesus is - as we learn as their parents to step out of the way and let Him heal their hearts and minds and bodies. And I am speaking of Sonya as well as I type this. Just because she was adopted at seven months of age, she is not unscathed or unfettered by a distant memory caused by a feeling of starting out life unwanted. And no matter how much we love Sonya, and no matter how much we love Feng Mei, they have their own cross to bare in this life. It may be different from ours, Randy's and mine, but it is a cross nonetheless, and I am convinced no earthly involvement from people who love these girls, these daughters of mine, can begin to restore to these souls what the enemy has stolen. Only Jesus can do that. And Jesus will do that. Jesus is doing it right now. Don't get me wrong - I think as brothers and sisters in Christ we can and should walk along beside one another and help to bare one another's burdens, and in this bring comfort and fellowship. But when the day is done, and nobody is around, only Jesus can heal the broken-hearted. I am convinced.
I am probably going to jump around a bit and hope you don't mind that. Yesterday, we ran into a gentleman on the streets of Guangzhou
whom I had the pleasure of meeting eight years ago when I was there to bring Sonya home. I had planned on visiting this man and his wife at their store some time this week. And you know what? I'm going to have to share with you later what happened because guess who just climbed up on my lap for some hugs and kisses? And who I am now trying to convince that she needs to go to bed rather than leave with me somewhere which I have no idea where because she speaks mandarin, and I don't. But it looks like I'm going to get a brief moment here to post some pics.
The first four are of "Gotcha Day". And then the other three were taken on December 14, which is today here. One with mommy and Cassie Feng Mei, one with the four of us at Jordon's store and one with us and Jordon, who you will hear all about later.
I hope to write soon. Now i know why adoptive parents in China are so slow on their updates. I think I've been too hard on them because now I know.









  1. Love the pictures and seeing you all together as a family! And, yes I remember so well how hard it was to get updates to those at home waiting for them! And I think Jordan has a special place in all adoptive families' hearts! Loved visiting his store!

  2. Hi Cheryl! So glad you had a moment for an update and some wonderful pics! Don't worry too much, all of these moments are normal and part of the initial adjustment. Katie Grace also like the idea of a Baba at the very first moment, but after that, was quite cautious (well downright distanced) and chose one person (me) to cling to. Besides, there are rarely any men interacting at the CWI so this is new and takes time.

    I didn't bring my other youngest to China, but if I had, I can imagine some similar issues with competition. Katie Grace and Joshua are best buds and stuck like glue, but boy does she cry when I hold him and he had a hard time not being the baby at first!

    We love Jordan and his shop!!! I hope we can see him again someday! Tell him the "royal guy" and his wife say Hi!

  3. Cheryl, Just enjoy those precious, beautiful little girls, and update us when you can:) Don't stress! We love to hear any and every tidbit, but we understand why you don't have time! Hang in there! You are so right though! ONLY JESUS can heal the broken hearted. Our job is to teach them who he is:) BIG responsibility! We will all pray for each other! Blessings from Kansas all the way to China! Know that we are praying!

  4. Love reading the updates and seeing the pictures!! I've been thinking and praying for you all! ~Annette

  5. Cheryl, I am so happy for you all! I will be praying for the girls and your husband. Ashlyn did not want my husband to touch her stroller when we went to get her, so I know what is going on for you guys. She did better with him once we got home. Two months after we were home she was running to greet him at the door. I know it is hard. But it will get easier, for all of you. Big Hugs!!