Sunday, December 11, 2011

Takin' a Train to Guangzhou

Hi all! We made it into Guangzhou on a train today. Yesterday was quite the toilsome day, however. Let me just say, we spent over twenty four hours traveling, with sixteen of it spent up in the air. And no matter how positive I could try to be about that, spending that many hours in a confined, tight space even for a woman my size, is nothing short of
We are thirteen hours ahead of those in Indiana. Depending on your location give or take a couple hours. Suffice it to say, where we are, tomorrow (Monday) at approximately 2:30 in the afternoon, we will be united with our littlest for the first time and for good.
Thankfully, we will not visit the orphanage until Monday or Tuesday of next week which makes for more time for bonding with us before Feng Mei goes back to say goodbye to everyone she's known her whole life. I can't imagine what kind of stress that would induce in the life of a little child, so even though in the end the good out ways the bad by a long shot, Feng Mei has much to endure and cope with in her transition into a loving family.
God bless Feng Mei.
I do not have pics to post at the moment because I need a cable to upload my pics from my camera onto the computer, and finding one of those usb (?) cables where I'm at is proving rather cumbersome. Hopefully I will have it all straightened out by tomorrow to post "gotcha day" photos. Keep prayin', please. Pray for Feng Mei especially, although it's just been reported to me that Feng Mei was told on Friday that mama and baba are coming and that she is very excited about this. Please pray that I hold it together when I see her for the first time, or that I learn to say in Mandarin just so I don't scare her, "Mama cries when she's happy." Good night everyone! God bless one and all!


  1. Hi - we're in Guangzhou also - at the China Hotel. I have a handy little transfer tool I could share if you are staying here and still need it. We met our new little one last Sunday. I'm in room 753 :')

  2. Hello and many {{{hugs}}} and yes I am shedding some joyful tears as well .It is now 2a.m. here in Fort Wayne ,so by now you have met you sweet baby girl !!! I am looking forward to more blogs and photos.I was very excited to hear that the above response from "CompassionMama" could help you and that she too is there and met her new little one ...more happy tears !!! God Bless you all ~ Love and prayers

  3. So sorry that Sonya is sick! What a disappointment for all of you! Love to hear that Cassi is happy to meet her family! Can't wait to see pictures! we will be praying!!
    Hugs! Judy