Thursday, December 22, 2011

Home for Christmas!

It's hard to believe our time here is drawing to an end. But I am very grateful to come home to America. It is the best place to live on earth, and i pray we as Americans stop taking our freedoms for granted lest they be stripped from us as they have been in other countries, but that's a whole separate topic for a different day.
Cassie ran into her father's arms at the American Consulate yesterday. Great strides are being made in a positive direction, and we know how many people are praying for bonding to occur and it is happening. It is nothing we are doing special. It is the Lord replacing in Cassie a stony heart with a heart of flesh so that she can feel her daddy's love and respond to it. As the Lord continues to knit our hearts all together, we will see one miracle after another occurring in His name. Thank you, Jesus, for this opportunity to bring glory and honor to Your Father!
We are looking forward to being able to communicate better with Cassie. It is really much harder than I thought on Cassie to not be able to tell us what she needs, or how she thinks. For instance, for two days, she repeated something to me, as she grew more insistent in her pleas with the passing of time. I finally thought to call our guide to see what caused her to feel such urgency. It turns out Cassie had been asking me if we would buy her a toy plane, and she grew more and more frantic due to shear frustration at not being understood by her own mommy.
She speaks to the chinese people around her, and as they share what she says, she's actually very funny and playful. She's very calm in her interactions with them. So you can see we are looking forward to communicating with her in english so her frustration can be replaced with calm and peace and understanding.
I gotta run, need to pack while Randy is out with the girls. See you all when we get back. We are arriving at around 4ish on December 23rd at the Baerfield Airport if anyone should like to welcome Cassie home. We will be very tired, and probably not on our game, but we can get many pictures for her to look at in the future, and tell her many people came to see her and welcome her to America. Like the chinese like to say, "Bye-Bye!"


  1. Cheryl, praying for a safe uneventful trip home! I pray that you are able to sleep and that the time will pass quickly! Merry Christmas!

  2. How I wish we could join those at the airport and welcome one of Haleigh's "Z sisters" home! We can't make it but you are in our thoughts and prayers! Have a great trip home. This chapter is ending and a new one is beginning! I think a reunion of all those in the Midwest or others who care to travel would be wonderful this summer!