Thursday, December 15, 2011

Prayers Rising

We can feel the prayers rising. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We see much improvement with both girls. Sonya's beautiful smile is returning more and more, and Cassie Feng Mei of her own volition threw her daddy a kiss yesterday as she was walking away from him holding my hand. We'll take it!
It is 5:30 am here, and hopefully I can blog this before the girls wake up. I told you I wanted to share a story with you about Jordon, but before I do, I want to let you know I have met many shop owners here in Guangzhou who are Christians. I have some stories to share about that, but I better get back to the one with Jordon.
I met Jordon eight years ago when I was in Guangzhou to bring Sonya home. At the time Randy and I were not Christians. When I met Jordon and his wife at their shop, I recognized something different about them. All these years I've thought of them and wondered why they seemed so special. It wasn't until recently that I learned through various adoption blogs that Jordon and his wife are Christians. When I learned of this, I made a point before I left home to gather some pics I had taken of them holding Sonya in their arms while we were visiting their shop only eight years previous.
So four days ago we ran into Jordon while walking down the street. Immediately he struck up conversation, and I almost threw my arms around him I was so happy to see him, but of course, he did not recognize me or know me, so I proceeded to tell him Sonya and I had met him eight years ago. I told him I would visit him at his shop, and while he was walking away Jordon said, "You know, it is good to be a Christian." Of course, if you know me, you know I couldn't wait then to tell him the story of our initial meeting and of how he and his wife had made an impression on me all these years just by their presence. They were different, and it was obvious. I shared with Jordon that his life is his witness. He was so grateful and touched to hear this. As he was headed off for a meeting at his church, we promised to visit him another day at his shop and bring the pictures.
Two days ago, we had been searching for Jordon's shop without any luck when once again we ran into him on the street. He showed us to his shop, and as the girls were looking through his store for little trinkets, Randy and I asked him if he would be willing to tell Feng Mei about Jesus and also tell her the meaning of her american name and see if she would be open to us calling her that now.
Cassandra means "to bring light to man", and because Jesus is the light of the world and because Jesus has had his hand on this little girl all these years, how could any other name be more fitting for her? First , Jordon showed Feng Mei the Holy Bible and then told her all about Jesus and asked if she had ever heard of Him while at the orphanage. She had not. Then Jordon shared with Feng Mei that Randy and I (mama and baba) had come to China to bring her home and give her a family because Jesus had sent us. He told Feng Mei that her mama and baba wanted to teach her about Jesus and asked if she would like that. She said she would.
Then he told her about the meaning of her new name, and shared the shortened version, "Cassie" with her and asked if she would like to be called Cassie , or Feng Mei. Feng Mei told Jordon that from now on she wanted to be called Cassie. Randy and I were overjoyed to hear of Cassie's openness to Jesus and her new name. And of course, as always, I was overcome with emotion and could hardly hold back a flood of tears.
Before we left, Jordon asked to pray with us. He said when we saw him he had just come from praying at church and asked Jesus to send a family for him to pray with, so he knew when we requested his help that we were the family God sent. So we stood in the middle of his store while a couple other families shopped, held hands, bowed our heads and prayed.    
So here we are three days later, and we are visiting the Safari Park today. I know the girls will really enjoy this. We had Cassie Feng Mei's medical exam yesterday, and she was not at all happy about it. Here are at least a couple of pictures from yesterday. I hope you enjoy! Hope to "talk" soon!





  1. Cheryl,
    What an amazing opportunity! That is such a blessing for Cassie to hear of Jesus from one of her own people in her birth country! God is so good. Who could doubt that he is indeed in the smallest details! Awesome:) I got tears in my eyes too! Will keep praying! Blessings to you!

  2. Beautiful story! What a testimony and blessing Jordan is to the families there; God has given him a very special ministry! Glad to hear things are improving - it just takes time and love and patience! I hope you continue to make many beautiful memories of these first few days as a family!

  3. Oh, Cheryl this brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful, special man to do that for you:) I would LOVE to meet Jordan when we travel. We are keeping you all in our prayers!

  4. Ok, I am crying. How beautiful. And Jordon was such a wonderful man when we met him 2 years ago. We are looking forward to talking to him again. Oh, I can not wait to get to China!!